Tyson Fury tells Paris she's lucky lady after sexiest sportsman title

Tyson Fury tells his wife Paris she’s ‘a lucky lady’ after he was crowned the world’s ‘sexiest sportsman’ – beating Cristiano Ronaldo, Anthony Joshua and Travis Kelce

  • The Gypsy King looked over the moon after he received the top ranking spot
  • The list asked 2,000 UK-based women to rate 30 male sports stars from 1-10 
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Tyson Fury has told his wife Paris that she is a ‘lucky lady’ after he was named the world’s sexiest sportsman ahead of Anthony Joshua and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Gypsy King was given the top spot in the list compiled by Illicitencounters.com which asked 2,000 UK-based women to rate 30 male sports stars on a scale from 1-10 in regard to their ‘sexiness’.

Speaking in a video on Instagram, Fury said: ‘Paris, just a quick one. I’ve just been voted the sexiest sports man alive for the first time.

‘Beat Ronaldo, pipped him at the post. Get up there! You’re married to the sexiest sportsman alive according to 2,000 women.’

The heavyweight world champion then winked at the camera before adding, ‘you lucky lady’.

Tyson Fury was crowned as the sexiest active athlete on the planet, according to the study

The ‘Gypsy King’ boasts a hulking frame and stands at a whopping 6ft 9 tall

Elsewhere on this list there were a number of stars from different sports – ranging from boxing and football to NFL and F1. 

There was no shock to see the likes of long-term rivals Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo once again going head-to-head. 

In tenth place was Irish UFC star Conor McGregor, ninth was Argentina and Inter Miami star Lionel Messi and in eighth was Northern Irish golfer Rory McIlroy.

Finishing in seventh and sixth were ManchesterCity team-mates Jack Grealish and Erling Haaland above Al-Nassr forward Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Moving into the top four, Lewis Hamilton took fourth spot while Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce finished in third. 

Fury’s fellow boxing compatriot Anthony Joshua took second spot.  

British heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua also appears on the list – but isn’t at number one

Al-Nassr forward Cristiano Ronaldo is ranked at number five on the list

Travis Kelce has been making headlines since dating global superstar Taylor Swift 

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