Tyson Fury's Love Island brother Tommy slams 'stupid' Deontay Wilder and says he's 'tarnishing legacy' with cheat claims

TYSON FURY'S brother Tommy claimed Deontay Wilder is tarnishing his own legacy by making up 'ludicrous' excuses for losing.

The Bronze Bomber, 35, was battered from pillar to post when he fought the Gypsy King, 32, for the second time in February.

But Wilder has come up with a long list of reasons to explain why he lost the fight against the Brit.

He bizarrely alleged his drinking water had been spiked, claimed his ring-walk outfit was too heavy and also blamed his trainer for throwing in the towel.

The American has backed claims that Tyson 'cheated', accused the referee of being biased and even suggested he was carrying an injury.

Love Island star Tommy claimed the former WBC heavyweight king is 'not a good sportsman'.

Speaking to sports PR agency Press Box, he said: "It's stupid, I had a lot of respect for Wilder, I thought he was a good champion, but he just met his match.

"All this stuff that he's coming out with now, I can't get my head around it.

"As a champion and as a role model, you should admit you've been beaten twice by a better man and brush yourself off on and come again.

"All of these excuses he's coming up with are bad to hear.

"He's not a good sportsman. Basically just coming up with anything he can think of."

Tommy, who predicted Anthony Joshua would 'gas out' against his brother, urged Wilder to take the defeat on the chin.

The 21-year-old added: "He's saying his team has spiked his water and all sorts of stuff, ludocrous stuff that you don't say as a sportsman.

"As an athlete, you just kind of take on the chin and get on with it.

"I think Wilder's in a really low, low state because he had a big ego.

"Everyone around him had big egos.

"I think to lose in the way he did, getting brutally battered for seven rounds, it's hard to swallow.

"I don't think he can swallow it. That's the problem here. Tyson's a much better fighter than him.

"Don't be making excuses for yourself and tarnishing your legacy, because that's all he's doing."

As well cheering on his brother, Tommy is preparing for his fourth professional fight.

The reality TV star has showed off his muscular physique ahead of his return to the ring.

He has not fought since he beat Przemyslaw Binienda in the first round last December.

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