UFC announcer Bruce Buffer brutally DUMPS woman with iconic 'it's time' catchphrase after man pays for £225 Cameo video

UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer used his iconic 'It’s Time' catchphrase to help end a relationship.

The voice of the Octagon was paid almost £225 by a man on celebrity messaging service Cameo to help him dump his girlfriend.

Buffer usually reserves his legendary catchphrase to signal the start of a UFC bout.

But among the 63-year-old's ventures outside of MMA, the American also makes extra cash sending personalised videos on fans.

Cameo allows fans and followers to request celebrities such as actors, sports stars and singers to record a personal message – that could be a birthday wish, a congratulations or simply a hello.

And Buffer was more than willing to help one man dump his other-half after he forked out the £224.25 fee.

Dressed in a tuxedo, the 'Veteran Voice of the Octagon' says in his signature, booming voice: “It’s time for Kaylee to move on.”

One fan replied: "I'm gonna hire Gordan Ramsey to break up with my gf."


A third added: "I would appreciate being dumped this way."

SunSport previously reported that Chelsea star Jorginho is charging £123 on Cameo… despite raking in £110,000 per week.

Yet Vince McMahon has banned his WWE stars from "engaging with outside third parties," which includes platforms such as Cameo and Twitch.

But just two months later, the company that the Undertaker would be joining the social media channel at £750 for a limited time only.

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