UFC star Jorge Masvidal calls Ben Askren a 'crotch sniffer' but tweet backfires as he is slammed for backing Jake Paul

JORGE MASVIDAL has labelled Ben Askren a 'crotch sniffer' ahead of his fight with Jake Paul next month.

The UFC rivals have disliked each other for several years, with their feud culminating in Masvidal knocking Askren out in just five seconds with a sensational flying knee to the head back in July 2019.

Now, Askren is crossing over to boxing to take on YouTuber Paul.

And Masvidal has set his stall out as a Paul supporter by facetiming the internet star during their fight press conference last week.

He then went on to slam Askren on social media, much to the disdain of UFC fight fans.

The American said: "The individual I buried does not represent MMA. He represents all the hard core and casual crotch sniffers #andnew."

Askren then replied to Masvidal by commenting: "I’ve refrained for 2 years, but let’s be real Jorge. You landed the luckiest knee of your life and I made you famous.

"You’re welcome. You got 50-43’d by Usman and will likely again next month. Beat it loser."

Askren then later posted another tweet which read: "How much would another grown have to pay you be his cheerleader??? I think Jake’s squad is soooo cringe."

Askren is best known for his wrestling ability, something he will not be able to capitalise on in a boxing ring.


Meanwhile, Paul has won his only two pro bouts against fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib and basketball player Nate Robinson.

But UFC fans remain unwavering in their support for Askren in the upcoming fight, leading many of them to slate Masvidal's tweets.

One said: "Jorge is a sell out."

Another added: "The maga act and Jake Paul act gotta go, used to be a fan, it’s sad honestly."

And a third said: "Surprised you have time to tweet with having to answer @jakepaul whenever he calls, hope the bag was worth it."

Paul and Askren will finally face off in the ring on April 17.

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