UFC star Jorge Masvidal Launches 'Gamebred Fighting Championship' – a Bare-Knuckle MMA League expected to be BRUTAL

UFC star Jorge Masvidal has launched his own bare-knuckle mixed martal arts promotion.

Fan favourite Masvidal began his MMA journey competing in backyard fights in Miami.

The UFC's BMF lived up to his 'Baddest Motherf**ker' title well before the belt came to fruition by taking on men who far outweighed him.

And the MMA vet is getting back to his roots with the creation of Gamebred Fighting Championships, which he announced on Instagram.

He wrote: "Huge news for true fight fans as me and the one and only @anuel have teamed up to bring you the most vicious fights we could think of Bare Knuckle MMA.

"That’s right no gloves same rules and the first fight will be in Miami on June 25.

"Every fighter will be outfitted by Anuel’s clothing Brand which translated in English means 'Real Until Death'."

Masvidal, whose two YouTube fights with Ray are the stuff of legend, can't wait for the promotion to get up and running.


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He said: "Gamebred Fighting Championship is coming to you live [on] June 25 [in] Miami, Florida.

"Bareknuckle MMA, let's go."

Masvidal is currently gearing up for his welterweight title rematch with reigning champ Kamaru Usman, whom he'll meet in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The pair's second meeting will headline UFC 261, which will take place in front of a packed crowd at the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida.

Masvidal goes into the rematch as an underdog but has vowed to rip the title from The Nigerian Nightmare's clutches in blistering fashion.

During Thursday's pre-fight press conference, he said: “I’m going to whoop your ass all by myself, I don’t need nobody.

“I didn’t get the broken nose, you did. I’m going to bust your face up, break more bones than last time. Remember this face.”

Gamebred, 36, added: "Don't lose to this guy, don't lose to this guy.

"And when you've figured out that we've stopped that rubbing foot technique, you're going to be in for a long one, man.

"I'm going to bust your face and break more bones than last time. Remember this face."

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