UFC’s Mike Perry names his GIRLFRIEND Latory Gonzalez as his lone corner person for Saturday’s fight with Mickey Gall – The Sun

MIKE PERRY has confirmed he has ditched his trainers and will only have one person in his corner at UFC on ESPN 12 tomorrow against Mickey Gall – his beautiful girlfriend.

The welterweight, 28, is not expecting to receive too many instructions inbetween rounds from his lone corner person at the UFC Apex.

But he has told his partner Latory Gonzalez to simply “sit there and enjoy the show”.

Perry caused headlines before when he had his ex-wife, tennis player Danielle Nickerson, cage side as part of his team of coaches.

They are currently going through a divorce, and after losing three of his last four fights, the star has opted to go for a new strategy but having just his nearest-and-dearest as his sole coach and source of support.

Perry, from Flint, Michigan, explained: “I am going to have a coach in my corner, it just happens to be my girlfriend.

“She’s just going to be there to make me feel good and make me look good.

“If it even goes to the second round, it’s because I want to give her time to talk to me in the corner. I want her to give me a kiss and tell me to ‘go get him.’”

The leftfield approach from Perry to his clash with Gall has also involved cardio walking around amusement parks and watching Japanese manga series “Naruto” for fight visualization prep.

And his opponent does not seem too impressed by his rival’s antics.Gall said: “What can I say? I’m sure he’s trained hard.

“Good for you, bud. Eat another salad.

“That’s not going to fix the broken jaw you’re getting on Saturday.””

Perry says he decided on this approach due to realising he did not pay much attention to his coaches during the fight anyway.

He is 2-5 from his past seven fights after an initial 11-1 start in UFC.

And now the veteran believes he is ready to start a new run of success with Gonzalez by his side.

He added: “As we get closer, I see that little sparkle in her eye like I’m doing something impressive, and that just gives me more fire.

“On Saturday, I’m going to fight for her in front of her and not let anybody take anything from me.”

Perry vs Gall is part of the main card that will be headlined by Dustin Poirier and Dan Hooker.

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