UFO sighting: Claim ‘alien creature with tentacles’ found on Mars in NASA rover photo

Bizarre new claims concerning alien life on Mars have come to light today (October 28). An image shot by US space agency NASA’s Curiosity Rover has reportedly captured an alien anomaly lying on the desolate surface of Earth’s nearest neighbour.

One image, in particular, has been claimed by conspiracy theorists to show a creature of extraterrestrial origin.

I found this strange creature with tentacles in a Mars photo today

Scott Waring

The rock-like object certainly has some usual curved features on its top, which self-styled alien enthusiast Scott believes is sufficient proof of an alien colony on Mars.

Mr Waring took to his UFO Sightings Daily to speculate about his latest highly-dubious discovery.

He said: “I found this strange creature with tentacles in a Mars photo today.

“The animal has an exoskeleton and looks like a cross between a scorpion and a tortoise.

“Also there is a lot of white fungus like growth in the area.

“I believe that this animal may live off the liquid inside these fungus tubes.”

Mr Waring attempted to then explain the rationale behind the baffling claim.

He said: “15 years ago I found a colour photo of the Mars rover and its deep tracks behind it.

“Behind the rover in the tracks I saw a single white fungus plant, broken-off at the point the rover cut through it.

“It had a straw-like opening and a white liquid was driving down from it and streaming into the tracks three inches below.

“The tracks were deep in the dirt […] about three inches, which is unusual and that’s why I took a look at the tracks and found it.”

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However, Mr Waring added how he conveniently lost the original link to the NASA Gigapan image.

He said: “I did not record the photo URL so it is still lost out there.

“I believe this animal is eating the white liquid inside those fungus plants.”

However, it is immediately obvious NASA has conclusively not captured evidence of alien life on Mars with this photo.

Instead, this image simply depicts an oddly-shaped rock, most likely defined by the brutal winds whipping around the Martian surface.

The controversial claims quickly attracted scores of comments on the UFO Sightings Daily YouTube channel.

And surprisingly, most of the comments appear convinced by the absurd announcement.

Viewer Alex Miranda commented: “Creature or not, there is no denying that we aren’t alone.”

Melissa Smidt added: “You’ve done it again Scott! I’m not sure if it’s [an] animal or tech.

“Either way…. thank you for all your hard work in finding this critical evidence!”

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