UFO sighting: Claim ‘oval UFO’ baffles eyewitness – ‘Proof of alien bases in Australia

A 17-second clip uploaded online this week depicts what some believe to be a “possible UFO sighting”. The poor quality, amateur footage shows an oddly-shaped speck clearly visible against a brilliant blue sky. Only after zooming in significantly, the apparent anomaly appears white and vaguely spherical in shape and seemingly hovering in position.

Unverified reports claim the supposed incident took place yesterday (October 16), over Parramatta, Australia.

This is a white oval UFO and it seems to be trying to evade the person watching it

Scott Waring

Yet despite having little evidence to support his claim, self-styled ET expert Scott Waring believes the footage is evidence of extraterrestrials.

He wrote on his UFO Sightings Daily blog: “This eyewitness noticed a white oval object in the Australian sky this week.

“The UFO moves radically and unpredictably changes directions.

“He is right about it not being a plane, certainly no plane I have ever seen before.

“This is a white oval UFO and it seems to be trying to evade the person watching it.

“Meaning the object knows its being watched.

“This is further proof that there are alien bases somewhere in the Australian outback, 6km below the ground.”

The controversial conspiracy also provides a statement from the person he claims is the original eyewitness.

They are quoted as saying: “Saw this silvery pulsing object in the sky over Parramatta.

“No plane during the day has lights this bright.

“This was one of four objects that were flying in formation then broke up and went off in different directions.”

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However, even a casual observer can see the so-called ‘UFO’ is actually just a cloud.

Such sightings of “alien craft” are either cases of wishful thinking, a desire to hoax people or a fascinating phenomenon known as pareidolia.

A subcategory of apophenia, this is the tendency for an inaccurate perception of a stimulus.

This can result in seeing shapes in clouds, in inanimate objects or even abstract patterns.

A very similar incident occurred over Australian city Sydney only a fortnight ago.

That incident involved two apparent anomalies being mistaken for UFOs, despite them clearly being cirrus clouds.

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