UFO sighting: Claim ‘UFO trio’ caught on camera over Colorado – ‘100% alien’

Bizarre new video has gone viral online after a vocal minority claimed it shows three UFOs in the skies above the Colorado countryside. A stunning mountainous landscape seemingly shot at dusk outside of DeBeque depicts a trio of strange lights.

Although distant enough to initially be dismissed at stars, the apparent anomalies actually do seem to be moving at a close range.

100 percent alien

Scott Waring

A pair of the lights are grouped together in the centre left hand-side.

And another anomaly is just visible a little further away, to the far riga-hand side.

Self-titled ET enthusiast Scott Waring controversially thinks this 45 second-long amateur clip has captured an small alien fleet in action.

Mr Waring took to his UFO Sightings Daily site to speculate widely about his latest so-called discovery.

He wrote: “Here is an interesting video from Colorado last week [October 19].

“The eyewitness noticed two glowing objects in the distance, but there is also a third to the far right.

“Colorado is famous of its large glowing white orbs – notorious for it even.

“These look like those same orbs appearing again.”

“Often UFOs will appear in a location, after transporting from underground bases […] and [do] not move for a while.

“This fits [with] past UFO sighting descriptions from police and other eyewitnesses years ago of the description of UFOs they saw. 100 percent alien.

Mr Waring also took the trouble of supplying a quote from the initial eyewitness regarding the supposed alien encounter.

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They are quoted as saying: “So two nights ago my girlfriend called me and told me to go outside and look to the east sky.

“What I saw was somewhat unusual. I’m not big into UFOs but something about the way these lights were pulsating was strange to me.

“[They] made no noise and were moving very slow.”

However, even to the untrained eye, these twinkling dots are actually just drones or distant helicopter.

And their rota blades catching the setting sun are responsible for the sparkling effect.

But regardless of the claims’ lack of veracity, the footage quickly garnered scores of comments on YouTube.

Viewer The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 asked the uploader: “Did you see them leave? Cool sighting by the way.”

And uploader Unboxing Life replied: “Yes they slowly just flew on over the horizon. Wish Ida [sic] caught the whole thing but my phone was almost dead when I saw them. Was strange to say the least.”

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