Unearthed footage of Diana and Adrian competing on Millionaire

Footage of Diana Ingram on her brother Adrian Pollock competing on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? before ‘coughing major’ cheating scandal is unearthed ahead of Quiz finale

  • Three-part ITV drama Quiz, portrays a scandal on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
  • Diana Ingram and Adrian Pollock, competed before Charles swindled the show
  • Fans of Quiz have been comparing resurfaced 2001 footage with the new series 

As fans of ITV’s Quiz prepare for the final installment of the three-part series, they’ve taken to YouTube to compare it with recently unearthed footage of the real cheats whose scandal inspired the drama. 

Major Charles Ingram, from Derbyshire, cheated his way to the top prize assisted by a secret syndicate of quizzers who would help contestants on the show.

But before he scooped the top prize, his quiz-obsessed wife Diana, and her brother, Adrian Pullock, from the Vale of Glamorgan, each went home with £32,000 apiece after making it to the hot seat on game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. 

Now footage of both their appearances has resurfaced on YouTube, with fans admitting they were eager to see the real-life people behind the characters. 

Archived footage shared on YouTube shows Adrian Pullock (pictured) and Diana Ingram competing on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 

ITV has adapted Charles Ingram’s cheating scandal for three-part series Quiz. Pictured: Sian Clifford as Diana, Matthew Macfadyen as Charles and Michael Sheen as Chris Tarrant 

Adrian who is played by Trystan Gravelle in the TV adaptation, won £32,000 when he appeared on the show in 2000. 

In the resurfaced clip, Adrian was visibly ecstatic after winning ‘fastest fingers first’ and explained he’d wanted to be on the show ever since it debuted.

Chris Tarrant teased that computer consultant Adrian, had been on the show four times since September 1998, but had only just made his way into the hot seat. 

The host joked: ‘I can’t believe it after all these years. You’ve been here more than I have.’

Adrian played ten challenges before incorrectly answering a question about America’s Labor Day, despite calling his father Arthur for help. 

Diana (pictured) managed to take £32,000 on the game show, just months before her husband Charles won £1 million 

Adrian (pictured) was on the show four times, before having the opportunity to sit in the hot seat in front of Chris Tarrant

Down to the last two answers, he wrongly said that the holiday is celebrated in May and not September. 

In the ITV series Diana Ingram is played by Sian Clifford, who is best known for starring in BBC Fleabag.

Diana Ingram also took home £32,000, before finding herself at the centre of the scandal, where her husband won the show because fellow quizzer Tecwen Whittock, coughed in the audience to indicate correct answers. 

‘I’m going to save a life line’, she said, before incorrectly answering her last question on the show.

She lost her chance of pursuing the £1 million prize in 2001, when she said The Hunting Of The Snark was written by Edward Lear and not Lewis Carroll.  

Charles, Diana and Tecwen were convicted of deception in a 2003 crown court trial. 

Years later, Charles and Diana continued to seek fame with appearances on Wife Swap and The Weakest Link.

Diana, Charles and Tecwen Whittock were convicted of deception in 2003. Pictured: Dina on the show with Chris Tarrant

Fans of ITV Quiz have praised the series for it’s portrayal of the cheating scandal.

Speaking about Adrian, one wrote: ‘He literally got obsessed with the show! A tad scary how he was soooo desperate to be on and win! ITV drama the quiz… was amazing!’

Another said: ‘Quiz was brilliant’ 

Speaking about Diana, a third added; ‘It’s astonishing how well cast Sian Clifford is as her in Quiz’ 

Fans of ITV’s Quiz have been making comparison with the clips shared on YouTube

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