US lass tracks down Brit she kissed in bar 2 years ago – but it doesn’t go well

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An American woman made it her mission to track down a Welshman she met in a bar – but their reunion wasn’t as romantic as she'd hoped.

Kate Lefler, 23, launched an online appeal after “sparks flew” between the pair two years ago.

The US Coastguard worker stopped off at Plymouth, Devon, in 2018.

She headed to the Rust and Royal bar, where she hit it off with a man in his 30s called Adam.

The pair shared a goodnight kiss and planned to meet the next day – only for Kate to realise she’d given him the wrong number.

She revealed: "He kissed me goodnight and we were planning on seeing each other the next day. When a text never came I started to realise I never put my area code in with my number in his phone."

As the night was such fun, the lovesick tourist tried to track Adam down years on.

She launched an online appeal – but soon realised she’d missed the boat.

When Kate managed to track down Adam two years later, she found out he has a girlfriend.

Thankfully, she wasn’t too disappointed with the news and says it’s offered her some “closure”.

The American lass added: "However I'm so thankful to receive that closure and be able to reconnect regardless.

"Thank you for all of the encouragement."

Kate isn't the only hopeless romantic trying to rekindle a chance encounter.

Let's hope the hunt for a hunky stranger goes better for this mum.

The singleton is looking for a man who she flirted with at Lidl.

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