Virgin Mary ‘miracle’ as coronavirus-hit city sees Christian saint ‘in sky’

Christian worshippers claimed the Virgin Mary has appeared in the sky and is protecting them from coronavirus.

The moment was caught on camera around 5pm on Wednesday in the city of San Carlos, in the northeastern Argentine province of Corrientes.

It shows three shafts of blue and white light appear from the sky – the colours commonly associated with the Christian saint.

An unnamed resident whose daughter took the picture said: “In the sky a rainbow started to be seen, and then some drops started to create the figure (of the Virgin) in the sky surrounding the sun”.

Local media reported that some residents compared the figure seen in the sky with the Virgin of Itati, the patron saint of the province of Corrientes.

Susy Jimenez also claims she saw the figure as the Virgin Mary and said it was a miracle, writing: “Thanks Mother for protecting us, for interceding for God, and for your mercy for the people”.

Reports state the figure was also seen from the nearby town of Candelaria, San Carlos – said to be one of the oldest Jesuit towns in the province.

Nancy Cervantes Saez commented :“There are a lot of stories… I do know we are very sensitive, aren’t we asking for a bit of hope?”

It comes at the same time coronavirus pandemic deepens across South America and and the beginning of lockdown across Argentina.

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The UK Home Office say cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) have been confirmed in Argentina and the Argentine authorities have introduced a number of measures to limit the spread of the virus.

On March 19, Argentina introduced a nationwide quarantine to last from midnight to midnight on Tuesday March 31.

Exemptions to the quarantine are for single person journeys to buy necessities, such as medicines or foodstuffs and to travel to an airport.

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