Watch Lizzo Play "Kiss, Marry, Cuddle" With Harry Styles, Trevor Noah and Karl-Anthony Towns

In Lizzo’s 73 Questions with Vogue, the "Truth Hurts" star played a game of “kiss, marry, cuddle” with Harry Styles, Trevor Noah, and Karl-Anthony Towns. Keep scrolling to see how they ranked!

Lizzo invited fans into her home to answer a few hard-hitting questions.

In Vogue's latest 73 Questions video, the "Juice" singer practically floated around her home as she made tea, sipped the drink in her backyard, lounged on her gigantic bean bag chair and showed off her wall of awards for the camera.

If fans know anything about the 32-year-old singer, they know she likes to have fun. From twerk sessions with Megan Thee Stallion or hiking in the woods (and running from a coyote while singing Beyonce's "Green Light"), Lizzo will surely be the life of the party.

Even during her 73 Questions, the Detroit native played a friendly game of "kiss, marry, cuddle" with Harry Styles, Trevor Noah, and her long-time crush Karl-Anthony Towns.

"I would kiss Karl Anthony Towns, I would marry Trevor Noah," she confessed, "and I would cuddle Harry."

She also spoke about her recent achievement of gaining 10 million TikTok followers—"I'm just trying to be like Charli D'Amelio"—and enjoying the fruits of her labor.

"I just learned work ethic from having to work so hard. I don't have expectations, you know, I don't expect a number one song, I don't expect Grammys," she said. "I just wanna make music. I wanna tour and I still have that mentality. No matter how many awards I get, how much money I get, my mentality is like work hard, play hard, and do it because you love it."

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That same work ethic landed the Grammy award-winning artist on the cover of October's Vogue

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