Watch Netflix's Teaser for Pharrell Williams' Upcoming Docuseries 'Voices of Fire'

Netflix has just unveiled a teaser for Pharrell Williams‘ upcoming docuseries Voices of Fire. The series follows Pharrell’s search, in his hometown community of Virginia, to find the best voices to join his gospel choir.

While starring in it, Skateboard P also executive produced Voices of Fire. The series’ teaser shows Pharrell’s uncle Bishop Ezekiel Williams, who’s known by locals for his musical talents. “What if you were made for this? To withstand the storm, to beat the odds? What if believing in yourself is only the beginning?” narrates Pharrell in the teaser. “This is about to be the most awesome choir ever.” Netflix notes that the series will feature a diverse demographic of singers, all ages and backgrounds, with the aim of drawing attention to a variety of powerful voices that have yet to be heard.

Scroll above to watch Netflix’s official teaser for Pharrell’s upcoming docuseries Voices of Fire.

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