Watch Norah Jones' Melancholic New 'Tryin' to Keep It Together' Video

Norah Jones has unveiled her melancholic video for “Tryin’ to Keep It Together,” a bonus song from her upcoming album, Pick Me Up Off the Floor, which will be released on June 12th via Blue Note.

The clip reflects the pensive lyrics, which hauntingly repeat the song title’s of-the-times sentiment over a contemplative piano melody. “Keep it up all the time/Conversations are empty,” she sings alone, with shadows and partial light framing her as she stands against a wood-paneled wall. “How do we really know?/Tryin’ to keep it together/I’ll be quiet if you’ll be quiet, too/As we are.”

“This song is going to be a bonus track for the album,” Jones said in a statement. “I didn’t intend on releasing it early, but it kept running through my head. It’s very much how I feel in this moment, so it felt appropriate to release it. Maybe it’s how others feel as well.”

Cowritten and produced by Thomas Bartlett, the single follows the previously released LP song, “How I Weep.” Pick Me Up Off the Floor also features her collaboration with Jeff Tweedy, “I’m Alive.”

During quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jones has been performing fan requests each Thursday via her livestream series on her Facebook page.

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