‘We combined our surnames to make up a new one to reflect our love of beer’

A couple has told how they created a new surname so that their future children would be named after both parents – as opposed to just their father.

Jessica, 30 – whose maiden name is Shryock – met Zev – who grew up with the surname Steinrock – in 2015, while studying at the University of Illinois, where Zev lectured.

When the pair eventually married in 2018, they decide to blend both their names to become Mr and Mrs Steinrock, inspired by their love of Stein, a beer glass commonly used in Germany.

Jessica, an intimacy coordinator from Champaign, Illinois, said: “I grew up assuming I would have to change my name.

“My parents divorced but my mum kept my dad’s name,” she added. “Even when she remarried my stepdad, she hyphenated with my biological dad’s name.”

“When we were 18 she change it to just his, but it made me think that if we have kids – I want to have the same last name as them.”

This prompted Jessica to throw herself into research on the internet, where she discovered that combining surnames was entirely possible.

“I thought that’s interesting and made a huge list of potentials,” she explained. “I think Steinrock was the only one Zev liked.”

After sleeping on it, the pair grew increasingly fond of their combined surname and decided to make it official on the day of their wedding.

“It really started to feel like ours,” pointed out Jessica. “It felt like an authentic mash-up.”

Offering some background information on the new moniker, she explained: “The word Stein means stone – so essentially our new surname is ‘rock rock’.

Zev, a professor of acting at the University of Illinois, admitted that he had never envisaged changing his name.

“At first it was really hard for me,” he declared. “But then the idea of combining names to make a new one reflects what we are trying to do,

“I love our name now. It means a beer stein too and we love beer,” added Jessica. “We got married at a brewery.”

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