What does it mean when Mercury is in Retrograde? How to prepare for the final one of 2021

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You may have heard all sorts of chatter recently about Mercury going into retrograde, and while some are total pros on the matter, others aren't so sure what it's all about.

Mercury went into retrograde for the third and final time in 2021 on September 27 and it ends on October 18.

Spiritual Expert and Psychic Reader at Psychic Sofa, Estella, recently revealed to OK! just what it is, and how it can affect people and star signs.

"In astrology, Mercury is known to control travel, communication, and technology and can affect you in various ways. When i0n retrograde people often believe they are experiencing trouble or issues of some kind in their lives," Estella told us.

And now, experts have exclusively discussed with OK! how it will change how we're feeling and what we should and shouldn't do during this period.

How will Mercury Retrograde affect how we're feeling?

Inbaal Honigman, Mystic and Astrologer, told OK! it will affect us "in very practical terms."

"Communication breakdowns would happen even in situations where people are firm friends or close colleagues – you'll have your words taken out of context, you'll realise you've hurt someone when you meant to compliment.

"Often, emails will go missing altogether!" Inbaal said.

Adding: "Expect to be locked out of your social media without any memory of your password, expect your tech to stop working for no reason. This is not the time to sign new contracts or fill out a job application – odds on you'll get better results if you just wait till it's over."

What should we do during Mercury Retrograde?

Discussing what we should be doing during this time, Inbaal listed what we should be doing during this period.

  • Check each message before you send it – is the address right?
  • Check yourself before you send anything – is the swearing necessary?
  • Copy out any important details and keep in a safe place
  • Make sure you've logged out of accounts and switched off devices
  • Do take a social media break

What shouldn't we do during Mercury Retrograde?

  • Type anything in anger.
  • Expect parcels to arrive.
  • Film or record anything important.
  • Most importantly, don't panic. This will be over soon.

Can Mercury retrograde have a disruptive effect on people's lives?

Adding to the conversation, Dr Elena Touroni, a consultant psychologist and co-CEO of My Online Therapy, told us: "In a world where there is so much uncertainty, we’re constantly on the lookout for something to help us make sense of the future. It’s frustrating to accept that there are many things in life that we don’t have control over. But the truth is that uncertainty is just part of the human experience.

"It’s okay to be cautious from time to time. But you don't want an amplified sense of fear to hold you back from living your life the way you want to. In Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), for instance, we teach people that negative emotions are a part of life but you should leave them in the background and live a life that’s in line with your values."

You can see how Mercury Retrograde will affect different star signs here.

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