What does spring have in store for your love life

What does spring have in store for your love life? Tarot reader reveals the star signs who will be showered with romance this season – and those who should watch out for red flags

  •  ‘Tarot Queen’ Kerry King has revealed what lies ahead in love this spring
  •  She did a tarot reading for each star sign for spring – with mixed results
  • Aries and Gemini could have a lucky season while Taurus and Cancer may not

Tarot Queen Kerry King has revealed what lies ahead in love for each star sign this spring

This spring will see a new, wonderful era begin for many loved-up couples and soul-searching singles, according to an acclaimed tarot reader.

But others, especially those born under the Cancer and Taurus sun need to be very careful not to be taken advantage of or have their heartbroken by a poorly-chosen lover, ‘Tarot Queen’ Kerry King warns.

Speaking to FEMAIL the world-acclaimed tarot reader who has more than 25 years experience reading the fortune-telling deck appeared excited for the months ahead.

‘Spring is a season of fertility, growth and new life and we, as humans, are programmed to adopt these patterns in our own lives too, even sub-consciously,’ she said.

‘After the hibernation and inward-looking mood of Winter, we are all ready to go out, explore, mingle, and reunite with others, to draw fresh energy and ideas into our realm.’

The warmer weather gives people the perfecto opportunity to ‘ignite new romances’ or ‘rekindle ebbing ones’ Kerry, who is from the UK, explained.

In spring there is a desire to grow and ‘seek newness’, which provoke romantic instincts.

And for many it is ‘destined’ to be an amazing season for finding new connections. according to Kerry.

She revealed those born under Aries to be especially lucky in love over the next three months and urges them to keep eyes open for new opportunities.

Geminis are set for similar luck, according to Kerry, who says the bubbly air sign will feel like settling down – and could have extra luck when it comes to fertility.

On the other hand Cancers and Taureans could have a difficult three months ahead, she warned.

Those born under Taurus might find themselves caught up in a frustrating love triangle and are urged to avoid temptation and ‘stick to their guns’.

While Cancers are told they could be taken advantage of by someone happy to exploit their naturally caring natures.

What does spring have  in store for your love life? 

ARIES – Three of Wands

Opportunity knocks, Aries. The Three of Wands brings fast, fleeting and unexpected opportunities to meet new people (notably fire signs i.e. Leo, Aries and Sagittarius) or to re-ignite your own relationship. 

Be spontaneous, on the front foot, and responsive to coincidence or serendipity. Everything is a message right now, act on your hunches and gut instincts. Whatever you leap on and make something of could blossom into the next big thing.

TAURUS – The Lovers

Ruled by Venus, you’re never short of admirers or options and this spring sees you in the midst of a love triangle (or even a hexagon… seriously, Cupid can’t keep up). 

The Lovers reveals passions are running high and temptation lies all around. Watch out for meddlesome Geminis, leading you astray and playing games, don’t let them do it, make them understand it’s all or nothing, no halfway houses. Know your own mind (and heart) and stick to your guns.

GEMINI – The Empress

Ready for a season of true romance? Good, because The Empress is one of the tarot’s strongest love cards (as well as a symbol of fertility, just sayin’). 

Look out for Libras and Taureans, both are well starred for you right now. If you’re happily attached, this could be the time to pop a big question or even start or expand your happy family. 

You will feel an uncharacteristic urge to settle down, put down some roots, and nest. Follow your heart.

CANCER – Queen of Swords

You need to be strong and resolute about where the line is, and what the standards are, this spring because some people might try and take advantage of your loving, empathetic nature. 

The Queen of Swords reminds you it’s better to be alone than to feel lonely in a bad relationship. Don’t fear being single (because you never are for long, such is your sex appeal). Look after number one, be your own best advocate, and the right one will find you. Don’t chase anyone.

LEO – Eight of Cups

Time to let go of a disappointment, ex, or on and off scenario that just keeps you stuck in an unhappy past. It’s done with, it’s run its course. 

Delete their number and block them, my friend, because the Eight of Cups is a nudge that bigger and better lies just around the corner. 

Your love life past was just preparation for this next true romance, so don’t worry. And don’t miss out because you’re still chasing a no-hoper. Look out, instead, for sexy and creative water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio).

VIRGO – Nine of Cups

A wish come true. This spring you’re gifted with the powerful Nine of Cups which means you can make a love life dream come true, you can manifest your ideal vision of love in your life. 

Figure out what that means, make it seem real, fill in the details.. and then take a bold, overt step in this vision’s direction. As soon as you do, The universe will accelerate the opportunity and luck to make it all come true. Water signs look good for you right now – Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.

LIBRA – The Emperor

Aries is your opposite sign (i.e. you’re nothing alike but you’re irresistibly drawn together) and The Emperor represents this sign so look out for a passionate, fiery, red-hot and un-ignorable Aries character. 

They could be a bit older, kinda’ bossy, and maybe in some sort of leadership position relative to you (not the boss, please…). If you’re happily attached then take this card as a cue to take the lead in love, tell them what you want, make your demands… if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

SCORPIO – Eight of Swords

If you keep on doing the same things, you’ll keep on getting the same results, and that, my friend, is the pathway to madness when you’re not happy with something. 

The Eight of Swords asks you to check yourself for a projection or habit that you bring to relationships that gets in the way of true love running smoothly. 

You can be your own worst enemy. You can project your own fears onto others. Notice when and where you do this, and stop. You’ll be amazed at the results.

SAGITTARIUS – Three of Cups

We are all here for a good time, not a long time, and life is for living, right? Right! The Three of Cups is a YOLO card and gives you full permission, Sagittarius, to do what you want, in the moment, with whomever you wish.

Follow your passions, be spontaneous, enjoy your life, be around people who make you feel good. Many relationships are fleeting, fast, and even seasonal, and that’s okay. 

Enjoy what you have whilst you have it and don’t worry too much about the future. Life is for living to the full in the here and now.

CAPRICORN – Page of Cups

You will find love through creativity this spring, Cap, so take a class, do a workshop, pick up an arts-y hobby, visit an exhibition, listen to a lecture, wander around the local creative quarter. 

You might meet a passionate and intense water sign (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) who is the perfect counter to your hard-headed and practical nature. 

If you’re happily attached, then take up a creative project with your other, even if it’s just decorating the lounge or making a garden space. It will bring you closer together.

AQUARIUS – Four of Wands

Somehow you deserve better than what has been served up recently. You have worked hard, put the effort in, are a good person, and the results need to reflect that. 

Stand your ground, Aquarius, and don’t settle for less than what you truly deserve. 

The Four of Wands brings improvement and better days to your love life, if you hold to your ideals. Fire signs look spicy- Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.

PISCES – Six of Swords

This spring, the Six of Swords asks you to have a bit of a relationship spring clean and clear out. 

Move on from bonds and ties that don’t serve you well anymore, or have run their course, or feel one-sided or a lot of effort, or actually drain and stress you out. Get rid. Clear the decks. 

New people are coming, they need space to enter your life. Look out for Air signs- Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. With your other half, resolve to both quit bad habits which annoy each other and put a strain on things. It’s a season of release.

Source: Kerry King 

She advises they opt to stay single rather than step into a less-than-ideal relationship.

Earlier this year Kerry shared her love, money and wellness tarot scopes for the whole of 2022 and promised the world would ‘finally open up’.

Back then she predicted throughout the year Taurus, Gemini and Virgo likely to do well in love.

Cancers will transcend through a great period of growth while Leos might feel challenged when it comes to love.

She warned Aries not to ignore red flags or deadlines when it comes to money and said Librans won’t be feeling very romantic, and may even feel like they have lost their mojo altogether.

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