What to wear this weekend: FEMAIL picks out monochrome

What to wear this weekend: FEMAIL picks out the best monochrome pieces

  • FEMAIL’s fashion editor picks out monochrome as her new go-to fashion choice
  • Dinah said she began lockdown in luxury pyjamas and then went to gym wear 
  • She advised wearing a chic black and white skirt which is her style default look 


I began lockdown in luxury pyjamas. Mine were from Liberty and cost more than the rest of my wardrobe put together. 

Then I went through a gymwear phase. Why not be comfortable, especially with my expanding waistline that’s part pregnancy, part proximity to the fridge?

Next came fancy tops and blouses with eye-catching collars and statement sleeves to up my Zoom game. 

But just as I am getting used to this, lockdown is lifting. I need to gradually shift back to normality, and my bottom half now needs to be covered at all times, too.

FEMAIL’s fashion editor Dinah Van Tulleken picks out monochrome as her new go-to in lockdown


My solution is ‘monochrome’ — which is how to describe black and white if you want to sound like you’re on trend. It is a style default.

When all else fails, this won’t, so it hits the sartorial sweet spot we’re after right now.

It’s never ‘so last year’. It makes a statement without being ostentatious. Karl Lagerfeld once said ‘black and white always look modern, whatever that word means’.


Sure, you need to go bold and bright occasionally, but we don’t have too many special occasions coming up, and for daily wear you can’t beat something this simple.

I’m biased as I’ve always been afraid of colour, so I’m delighted with the timing of this trend.

Minimalists, make the most of it.


You can construct an outfit from individual pieces that are each either black or white, but I prefer to mix items with black and white patterns. 

Polka dots, stripes or gingham, like the skirt I’m wearing here, are big this season.

You’ll looked pulled together with minimum effort and, let’s be honest, we’re all a bit out of practice!





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