When should you say 'I love you?' This is how long it takes the average Brit

There are few phrases that feel more high stakes than ‘I love you,’ but Brits aren’t hanging about when it comes to putting their feelings on the line.

One in 10 of us say those three little words within three weeks of a new relationship, though the majority choose to wait for three to four months.

The findings, fresh from a Censuswide survey of more than 2,000 Brits, also found that it takes the majority of pairs fours months to declare themselves as an official couple to family and friends.

But is there such a thing as dropping the L-bomb too soon, or too late? Psychologist and dating expert Madeleine Mason Roantree thinks so.

‘It’s too early to say “I love you” if you don’t know the person well,’ she previously told Metro.co.uk.

‘And you don’t do that until you have met some friends, family or colleagues, you know their habits and daily routine, learned about their upbringing, they have shared personal details such as painful past experiences or embarrassing moments with you and lastly you both have had a couple of meaningful experiences together, for example a trip somewhere.

‘This can take a week or a year. If after a year you struggle to say “I love you”, consider that you have issues with commitment.

‘If you say “I love you” within the first month, consider that you may be in love with the idea of a relationship, [more] than the person you claim to love.’

The key findings from the survey:

How soon do you say I love you to a new partner on average?

Average time in months: Four months

What is the ideal time after knowing someone to become an official couple?

Average time in months: Four months

The research, commissioned by Betfair Bingo, also found just under half of respondents (40.2%) would take one to two years to propose.

While the overall average amounted to two years, three to four years was the second most popular choice for proposing (22.7%), while seven to 11 months (15.8%) followed closely behind. 

And if someone declares their love and you don’t feel it back? Just remember to let them down gently.

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