Where Kidulthood stars are now 15 years on – Hollywood to the House of Commons

Few films have captured so many broad themes as well as Kidulthood, which was first released in 2006.

Now, 15 years and two sequels later, it's regarded as a classic, exploring with honesty and integrity the ins and outs of growing up in inner city London.

It waded its way through themes such as teen pregnancy, gang culture, and the power of peer pressure, all while introducing audiences to a rich tapestry of vividly realised characters.

With glittering careers in Hollywood and even a dabble in politics, it's safe to say the cast have been busy since Kidulthood was released.

But where are they now?

Noel Clarke – Sam

Kidulthood is often considered Noel Clarke's launchpad.

Now the founder of production company Unstoppable, Noel also headed up Kidulthood's two sequels – Adulthood and Brotherhood – in the director's chair, as well as reprising his role.

You can currently catch him shooting bad guys and cracking wise alongside Ashley Walters in Sky One's Bulletproof.

The 45-year-old has three children with his wife Iris.

Aml Ameen – Trife

Aml's career has followed the trajectory of many British actors who go on to make it big in Hollywood.

Appearing on Brit classic like The Bill and Silent Witness, he made the leap to big budget silver screen blockbusters with Maze Runner in 2014.

The 35-year-old also proved a hit over at streaming giant Netflix, appearing in its series Sense 8.

Jaime Winstone – Becky

Daughter of acting legend Ray, Jaime boasts as much on-screen charisma as her famous dad.

Made In Dagenham, Anuvahood and Tomb Raider are just a few of the titles she's appeared in since.

Music buffs may also recognise her from Celeste's music video for hit track Love Is Back.

The 35-year-old has one child – a son called Raymond – with her long-term partner James Suckling.

Adam Deacon – Jay

Adam made headlines in 2012 when he ousted both Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne to scoop up the BAFTA Rising Star award.

Alongside his music career, Adam directed and starred in Kidulthood parody Anuvahood.

He also boasts roles in Babylon, Victim, Outside Bet and Montana.

The 37-year-old was banned from contacting co-star Noel Clarke in July 2015 after being found guilty of harassment without violence.

At the time, he had been self-medicating with skunk cannabis after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

He now works closely with mental health charity Mind.

Femi Oyeniran – Moony

Femi has tended to focus on production and writing since Kidulthood, but did reappear in Adulthood and Anuvahood.

Most recently he's put his mind to penning series The Intent – casting Kidulthood pal Adam Deacon in the sequel.

But perhaps even more impressively, he was invited in 2014 to speak at the TEDxParliament Talk on the subject of young offenders.

He sat as the Commissioner on the Speaker of the House of Commons' Commission on Digital Democracy Commission.

Red Madrell – Alisa

Alisa was the heart and soul of much of Kidulthood, Red Madrell cast when she was still at college and with only a handful of acting gigs under her belt.

She's since appeared in Cucumber, Skins, and more recently in short films True Value and Breathe.

The 33-year-old hasn't done too much acting in recent years and there's not too much activity on her social media channels.

Rafe Spall – Lenny

Some more famous offspring here – Rafe is the son of revered Brit talent Timothy Spall.

And despite coming from good acting stock, Rafe considers Kidulthood to be a milestone in his career.

Other appearances include Netflix's dystopian thrillers Black Mirror, Alien prequel Prometheus, Life of Pi, The Big Short and Just Mercy.

The 37-year-old is married to actress Elize du Toit and they have three children together.

Nicholas Hoult – Blake

One of the most recognisable faces in British acting, Nicholas started taking on edgier roles, such as in teen drama-comedy Skins.

But Hollywood beckoned and Nicholas has appeared in a string of big budget Box Office smashes, including the X-Men franchise, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Favourite across from Olivia Colman and Emma Stone.

He even portrayed legendary writer JRR Tolkien in a biopic about his First World War days.

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