Who Is Emily Miller On Too Hot To Handle Season 2? Meet The Multilingual Model

Last year, Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle caught on because the entire world was locked down and single people didn’t know when they would be able to date or have sex again. This year, the hit reality show is back, and it’s hitting for an entirely different reason: now that much of the U.S. is lifting restrictions, people are supposedly dating and hooking up more than ever (though that could be all hype). On the show, a group of seriously hot and proudly horny singles try not to have sex with each other (or even kiss) in order to take home their share of a $100,000 prize.

Like Chloe Veitch from the Too Hot To Handle‘s inaugural cast, there are a few standout contestants on the second go-around, like Emily Faye Miller, a 27-year-old model based in London. She is ~chaotic~ to say the least, and hits it off with fellow cast member Cam Holmes during their stay in the Turks and Caicos villa.

Emily “has no interest in commitment, and she always gets what she wants,” per her bio on People. “This multi-lingual model is the life and soul of the party, but she’s not afraid to break a few hearts in her search for satisfaction. Can Lana help her find her softer side a deeper connection, or will the temptation in the retreat prove too hard to resist?”

Here’s everything to know about Emily Miller beyond the reality show:

She’s a professional model.

Emily is signed to Robert Wilson’s modeling agency, FOMO Models.


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And, she lives in London.

It’s hard to ignore her British accent. She was born in the U.K. like fellow castmate Cam.

Emily is Indian.

Everyone on the beach was very into her mysterious good looks. Emily’s heritage isn’t a mystery any longer. She cleared it up when she replied to a Twitter comment accusing her of “blackfishing.” Emily tweeted: “I’m Indian hun.”

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