Who Will Win 'Survivor: Winners at War'?

Who has what it takes? In this group, it’s anyone’s game. Survivor: Winners at War will come to an end on Wednesday, May 13, but who will become the winner to beat them all and the second person to ever win twice?

Ben Driebergen, Michele Fitzgerald, Denise Stapley, Sarah Lacina and Tony Vlachos make up the final five contestants still in the game — and the game could belong to any of them. Tony, 45, and Sarah, 34, made an alliance on day 1, but she’s been hesitant on whether or not she can really trust him. For the last few weeks — arguably the most important in the game — Tony has controlled the votes. Plus, he has an idol in his pocket. Denise, 48, has made major moves, shocking everyone, which makes her both a target and as a possible favorite. Michele, 29, has mostly flown under the radar but has friends on the jury, while Ben, 36, hasn’t rubbed everyone the right way. That said, he’s a major threat when it comes to physical comps and fire-making.

In addition to the five finalists, one player will be returning from Extinction Island. The entire cast of winners, with the exception of Sandra Diaz-Twine, who decided to quit the show, still remains on the Island. Natalie Anderson, Amber Mariano, Danni Boatwright, Ethan Zohn, Tyson Apostol (who already went back in and got voted out again), Rob Mariano, Parvati Shallow, Yul Kwon, Wendell Holland, Adam Klein, Sophie Clarke, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, Jeremy Collins and Nick Wilson will all compete for a chance to get to the finale.

It’s safe to assume that person will be Natalie, 33, since she has double the advantages that others have on the Island, plus has worked extremely hard, both physically and mentally during her time there. She could use her immunity idol to knock out a target like Tony. Plus, if she did make it in and to the final vote, she has a ton of allies on the jury, assuming that all of Extinction Island remain. They know how hard she’s worked — and she’s helped many of them. (Sharing peanut butter could just get her the votes she needs).

Before the finale, Us Weekly looks back at each finalist.

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