Who’s Gone Home On ‘The Bachelor’ So Far? See The Eliminated Contestants

The Bachelor Matt James kicked off season 25 in historic style. He’s the first Black bachelor in franchise history, and there are a lot more ladies trying to woo the tall drink of water. Chris Harrison says a whopping 32 women arrived on night one and a few more are rumored to check in as well.

That leaves a lot of roses and breakups in Matt’s future. He had an dra-Matt-ic night of meet-and-greets with the wife-wannabes, some very heartfelt conversations and plenty of cringe moments to balance it out. Victoria Larson, self-proclaimed queen, also made herself “can I steal you for a sec” girl right off the bat. Though that extra time didn’t amount to a first impression rose, and she had to sweat it out through the entire rose ceremony to learn her fate. (The first impression rose went to Abigail Heringer.)

It’s no sweat for Matt, who’s clearly been working out amid quarantine. When handed a bushel of blooms, (did you see the size of that stack of roses?!) he had no problem making his first decisions.

Here are all the women who’ve gone home on The Bachelor so far.

Week 1:


Alicia is a professional ballerina from New York City, but she’s heading right back where she came. After her graceful entrance, Alicia and Matt didn’t even have a chance to chat.


Amber delayed grabbing Matt and seemed to lose her chance at spending any time with him. Tbd if that was a factor when he sent the nursing student from Costa Mesa back to California.


Was Corrinne the recipient of Victoria’s “market yourself to Matt” advice? It’s possible, but either way, it didn’t pan out. The 22-year-old didn’t receive a rose and headed back to Connecticut.


Carolyn went back to LA almost as soon as she arrived. The 30-year-old journalist from California unfortunately didn’t click with Matt.


Another California gal is heading back to her beach town. The 25-year-old social worker didn’t receive a rose or an invite to extend her Nemacolin stay, even with her cute football uniform entrance.


You’d think Matt, who works in commercial real estate, would have had plenty in common with the 25-year-old realtor from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to keep her around longer. Emani didn’t get a rose and went back home.


Flying is part of her job, so the 28-year-old airline recruiter flew right on back to Seattle when she didn’t get a rose from Matt. Perhaps he’s not a fan of fish?


Saneh came in as the G.O.A.T. with her furry footed entrance, which seemed to amuse Matt. However, the 25-year-old IT consultant headed right back to her hometown of Denver after night one.

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