Why Are Celebrities Dressing Like It's 1996 While in Quarantine?

We're weeks into quarantining at home due to the coronavirus, and while some of us are wondering how many days we can wear the same sweats, others — and, in this case, we mean celebrities — are fully embracing the styles of the 1990s. On any given day, we’ll spot a model or actress out for a socially distant walk, only to discover that they’re dressed in a full throwback look.

For example, let’s talk about Margaret Qualley, who recently provided us some comfort after we re-discovered her 2016 Kenzo ad. While the actress has been sticking with the same black boots for weeks, her long, floral-printed dress reminds us of something from an early episode of Friends (Monica, is that you?). Qualley even took things a step further, pairing her outfit with a navy baseball cap — another very ‘90s move.

Of course, the actress isn’t alone when it comes to dressing for a different decade. A member of her quarantine crew, Ashley Benson, has also stepped out in a few old-school essentials as well. Walking side-by-side with girlfriend Cara Delevingne, Benson looked cute and cozy in her black bomber jacket, white T-shirt, and sweatpants, a combination worn by popular jocks from just about every ‘90s teen movie (for example, Freddie Prinze Jr. in She’s All That).

90s Quarantine Dressing

Even Emily Ratajkowski managed to surprise us with her dog-walking outfit in NYC. While she’s been known to channel ‘90s Julia Roberts, her bun, peeking through the back of her cap, took things to a whole new level. Styled with that bandeau top, distressed jeans, a windbreaker, and white sneakers, it was as if she time-traveled 20-plus years. (Take us with you next time, Em.)

90s Quarantine Dressing

Of course, recycling ‘90s style is nothing new; some of this spring’s top trends are items we used to have in our closets. Is it a coincidence that the looks are particularly prevalent at a time when many of us are binging ‘90s shows and revisiting our favorite movies from that era? Is it possible that they’ve started influencing our style now, too? Will more trends like the Miss Congeniality black-pants-and-chunky-shoes pairing emerge? When we crawl out of our cocoons of Netflix and WFH loungewear? All signs (and celebrities) point to yes.

This micro-trend will be a fun one to try…as long as no one tries to recreate that iconic outfit from Notting Hill.

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