Why Hope Solo Named One of Her Twin Babies "Lozen"

Sometimes, when we read about celebrity names that we’ve never heard before, our first reaction is, well, less than positive. But we’ve learned our lesson today: Reserve judgment. Because even if the names Vittorio and Lozen sound unusual to your ears, the meaning behind Hope Solo’s newborn twins’ names is incredibly powerful.

Though the U.S. Women’s soccer vet gave birth all the way back on March 4, she just revealed their arrival on Thursday with a message announcing their names, Vittorio Genghis Stevens and Lozen Orianna Judith Steven on social media.

In a video post on the Uninterrupted Twitter account, Solo shared that the twins had been in the NICU.

“It has been incredibly stressful times for us,” she said, holding a baby in each arm. “We’ve been out in public more than we would like to be, but we would like to thank all of the incredible nurses and the doctors who helped take care of our babies during our time in NICU. And we’d also like to thank all of the health-care workers who have been on the frontlines fighting this pandemic day in and day out.”

She and husband Jerramy Stevens had lost twins to miscarriage in 2018, and we’re sure that made these early weeks of their babies’ lives even harder to cope with.

All of this is to say, we can totally understand why they gave their twins some serious warrior names. Here’s a breakdown of each name:

Vittorio means conqueror in Italian.

Genghis is likely a reference to Genghis Khan the Mongolian emperor of the 13th century whose name is said to mean “universal ruler.”

Lozen was the sister of an Apache chief named Victorio who fought the U.S. government from encroaching on their lands in the late 1800s. She was often called her brother’s right hand, or the “Apache Joan of Arc.” According to Native-Languages.org, Lozen is a nickname that means “one who has stolen horses in a raid.”

Orianna, a variation of Oriana, is a name of Latin origin meaning dawn. That’s also pretty fitting for the daughter of a woman named Hope.

Judith is a Hebrew name that means “praised.”

Congratulations to the new parents. These little fighters have a lot of fans already!

Hope Solo isn’t the only famous mama who knows how to pick a great baby name.

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