Winds of Winter theory: Daenerys will NOT reach Westeros until Dream of Spring due to THIS

For much of Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen was in exile in Essos. The Dragon Queen slowly grew her forces before planning a full-scale invasion of King’s Landing to reclaim the Iron Throne. However, she did not reach Westeros until the beginning of season 7.

And seeing as the TV show was in the uncharted territory of the unpublished The Winds of Winter from season 6 onwards, fans are wondering when Dany will finally reach Westeros in the books.

After all, A Song of Ice and Fire creator George RR Martin has teased how Game of Thrones was an ending but not his ending.

Well, now a popular new fan theory argues that Dany will not reach Westeros in The Winds of Winter, after all.

Instead, she will finally reach the Seven Kingdoms in A Dream of Spring.


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Reddit user Ultimafax’s main argument is that there is so much east of Westeros on the continent of Essos where she currently resides in exile in the books.

The theorist argues: “I just finished reading The World of Ice and Fire, after I reread the main series, and it’s all led me to a simple conclusion: Dany is heading east.

“Dany needs to go to Asshai to do something and then circumnavigate the globe and invade Westeros from the west.

“To do that, once she reaches Vaes Dothrak (going back), she will need to pass through the Bone Mountains, the Plains of Jogos Nhai and the Empire of Yi Ti all before reaching Asshai.”

They added: “That is a long a** journey to make before even setting out for Westeros.

“My reasoning is, there’s just way too much info about the lands east of the Bones in TWoIaF and too much foreshadowing from Quaithe for this not to occur.

“In particular, TWoIaF contains a very, VERY interesting tale about Yi Ti’s version of the Long Night and Hyrkoon the Hero (a.k.a. Azor Ahai). I don’t think that was just placed there for sh**s and giggles.

“So, if this indeed is what is going to happen … I can’t imagine that Dany will even reach Westeros in Winds of Winter.”

Nevertheless, the fan did point out that Dany could fly to Westeros on Drogon.

But they added: “I feel like GRRM would not want to do that for the sake of brevity.

“So if she doesn’t get to Westeros until Dream of Spring, that also seems like too short of a time for her arc to end, unless we’re going to see a drastically reworked ending from the show’s (which I’m assuming is where we’re headed, albeit in a more satisfying way).”

Martin is currently isolated away in a cabin, working everyday on The Winds of Winter.

The author has been providing some updates on his blog about the upcoming book.

He even mentioned that it was pretty “grim” in Seven Kingdoms.

It’s been almost a decade since A Dance With Dragons was published.

So fans are hopeful that 2020 is the year that Martin finally published The Winds of Winter.

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