Woman calls friend a ‘breeder’ and says pregnant women are boring

A woman has explained why she didn’t invite one of her closest friends to her baby shower, after the friend regularly described her as a “breeder” and always had negative things to say about people who choose to have children.

Taking to Reddit, the mum-to-be explained that she decided to invite all her friends but leave out one of them, who she referred to as Anna.

She said her friend had always been vocal about not wanting to have children and not understanding why other people chose to do it, saying things like “it’s a bad world, why would anyone want to subject an innocent child to this”.

On numerous occasions, she also called her friend a “breeder”.

“Last week we were out having lunch and she said something along the lines of ‘People get so boring after being pregnant, no offence though’,” the woman wrote.

“I was talking about something baby-related. I barely do that because I know how some people can just go on and on about things like this but I was talking about it that day because one of the friends there with us asked me a question related to it because she and her husband were thinking about having kids themselves.”

The pregnant woman said the comments hurt her and she decided to leave Anna off her baby shower guest list. However, she was struggling with feeling “a bit petty” and wondered whether she was being too sensitive.

“The baby shower was beautiful, but afterwards I get a call from Anna,” the woman wrote, “and she was calm but angry.”

“She said she saw all of the Instagram photos (not from my acc), called me selfish, accused me of trying to cut her off from the group for being child-free and things like that.”

She told Anna about all the times she had said she finds the topic of children boring but worried that not inviting her made her into the bad friend.

Reddit users pointed out that Anna missed out on the baby shower because of her own opinions about children.

“You did not invite her for being child-free, you did not invite her because she repeatedly dumps on the idea of having children, despite being asked not to,” one person said. “That is not the kind of person anybody would want to have at a baby shower.”

Another person, who also described themselves as “firmly child-free” pointed out that, despite “never wanting kids”, they are “thrilled” for their friends who have babies.

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