Woman changes her life by 'setting an intention', already making £60k this year

Having £60,000 worth of jobs six days into the year isn’t a bad way to start 2022.

That’s what one woman has managed after she gave her career an overhaul.

Working for many years in academia, but never feeling like it was the right fit, Morgana McCabe Allan, 40, used a technique that is known in healing circles as ‘setting an intention’ to change her life.

A ‘psychological and motivational’ technique, which she now teaches to clients, Morgana, of Fife, Scotland, discussed with her family what they really wanted from life and then wholeheartedly invested themselves in achieving it.

Morgana said: ‘You need to ask yourself the question, “Who am I going to be?”
Anyone can do this and use the answer to then set their intention.’

Her huge life change came after talking to her husband, who had a ‘job for life’ as a mechanical engineer, about their individual and family goals for the future.

They set an intention for 2019. In the years leading up to this, Morgana had quit academia and started volunteering at a charity.

She also launched a coaching business.

But time constraints meant she wasn’t giving it all she wanted to – so she decided to do whatever she could to make that business full-time.

In order to do this, husband Duncan had to leave his job to become a stay-at-home dad.

‘He had worked in mechanical engineering for seven years and had a job for life,’ said Morgana.

‘But I knew he wasn’t happy, because he complained a lot. It wasn’t about the work or his employer, but more that he wasn’t feeling fulfilled or thriving.

‘At one point in his life he’d worked as a water skiing and ski instructor, so he was always happiest when he had a role that involved being outdoors.’

Becoming a mum for the third time gave Morgana the motivation she needed to take the risk.

She said: ‘I wanted to use my strengths intelligently, so had launched my coaching business when I was pregnant with Meribelle.

‘I had a strong feeling the business had huge potential, but I soon realised it wouldn’t work with me having one foot in and one foot out and working just a couple of hours in the evening.

‘I had a traumatic birth with Meribelle. It was my third C-section and made me slow down and think about what I really wanted.

‘The one thing I knew was that I wanted to be the best role model for my new daughter and my sons that I could be.’

Setting intentions was something she began doing as a child when she was ill.

She explained: ‘I was very sick throughout my childhood, because I suffered from life-threatening allergies.

‘This meant I spent a lot of time isolated and on the sofa watching Star Trek and David Attenborough programmes, because those were the ones my mum thought had good values.

‘I lost the equivalent of six whole years of schooling due to sickness absences, but one thing I worked out during that time was that setting an intention was a serious business and one that really works.

‘For example, I was horse-mad, but my family could never afford a pony for me to ride, so I would clean out the local stables in exchange for a chance to ride. I remember I set an intention to be able to ride more regularly.

‘My best friend did have a horse and then, after I had set my intention, for some reason her family suddenly decided to buy a second one to keep it company.

‘Of course, she could only ride one horse at a time, which meant I suddenly could ride whenever I wanted.

‘I also learned through being sick as a child that your energy means everything, so once you have decided on your priorities, you can set your intention and invest your energy fully into achieving the life you want for yourself and your family.’

In 2019 she decided to reapply this logic to her life.

It wasn’t easy, as Duncan struggled at first with his own self-belief and was not always sure he could take on the primary care of the children.

‘He’d shown how much he had trusted me over the years, so when he wobbled, I just let him know I trusted him back equally,’ said Morgana.

There was also a gap between their visions of how their new roles would look.

Morgana continued: ‘I thought I’d be getting a “wife” but that’s not how Duncan saw things.

‘We both had this shared vision of him leaving his job. But his vision of that didn’t involve the level of home-making it needed, especially when Covid hit.

‘The reality is that we have now taken on a housekeeper, a cleaner and a chef as well.

‘It was a huge adjustment for us both and this is always the case when you set an intention and it comes to pass, because you then have to step up to match your goals.’

She now teaches her clients to have the same level of self-trust.

This involves creating a Future book in which you can state your desired goal and the feelings you want to experience.

It’s worked for Morgana, as in September 2021, she booked in £60,000 worth of new business for the new year.

She said: ‘I advise clients to decide on one thing – it might be one course or one person they can reach out to for help and support.

‘The idea is that each step takes you closer to achieving your goals.’

While the spiritual and healing world have long recognised the value of setting an intention, according to Morgana, scientists have now identified part of the brain that is concerned with shaping how we see the world and our role in it.

It’s called the reticular activating system (RAS) and it brings more of whatever we decide to focus on into conscious awareness, so that we literally ‘see’ more of what we are interested in and want to happen.

She said: ‘Once that’s been identified, that’s where we need to put our whole attention in order to make it happen.’

In 2022 Morgana will launch her own workbook, free online course and oracle card deck, designed to help people set intentions.

She said: ‘Everyone is capable of doing this, they just need to develop the technique, focus their mind and their activity and believe in their ability to make things happen.’

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