Woman Making Documentary About Sharks Bitten by What Paramedics Believe Was a Shark on Her Day Off

A woman currently working on a documentary about sharks was enjoying a day off at the beach this week when she was attacked by what paramedics suspect was a shark.

The 29-year-old woman, whose identity has not been released, was swimming in Far North Queensland, Australia, the country's ABC News outlet reported Tuesday.

A first responder on the scene told ABC that the woman had been swimming about 100 meters from a jetty at Fitzroy Island around midday when something bit her leg.

The attack happened so fast that the woman could not identify what type of shark attacked her, but she could be heard shouting "I still love sharks! Sharks are beautiful" as she was wheeled past reporters into the hospital, according to ABC.

"She was relaxing on Fitzroy Island. She's actually … doing a shark documentary, and this is her day off today," Terry Cumming, a paramedic on the scene, told ABC.

Off-duty doctors who happened to be at the same beach performed first aid on the woman until first responders arrived, WINNEWS reported.

It's the first time that paramedics had heard of a shark attack in that area, ABC reported, and not everyone was convinced that it was a shark that bit her.

WINNEWS reported that the woman could have been bitten by another large fish, like a red sea bass or giant trevally.

The filmmaker was airlifted to Cairns Hospital and underwent "extensive and specialist treatment," The Age reported, with significant injuries including lacerations on her left leg.

Despite the attack and subsequent injuries, the woman appeared in "high spirits," Fitzroy Island Resort CEO Glen Macdonald told ABC.

Cumming added to the outlet that "she was in a little bit of pain, but managed to get it under control."

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