Woman shows her crazy bloating to show reality of long-term condition

An influencer has candidly shared the ‘reality’ of a condition that has left her with ‘crazy’ belly bloating and a negative body image.

Megan Rose Lane is a spiritual mentor and boasts 367,000 Instagram followers – and often posts uplifting quotes and body positive snaps to uplift them.

But behind the scenes, Megan struggles with endometriosis.

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“A condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes”, according to the NHS.

The long-term condition has symptoms that can make women’s lives quite difficult – so Megan, who is also a mum, is shining a light on what she has to endure.

In her recent Instagram post, Megan stripped down to her undies to show off her bloated tum – and to cool down in the UK heatwave.

As she rubbed her belly, the influencer wrote: “Endometriosis reality, crazy bloating.”

Megan continued to list the symptoms she sufferers from as she prodded her tum.

“Cramps, negative body image, nausea, digestive issues, hormonal imbalance, emotional as f***”, the mum exposed.

Despite finding a source of relief, the influencer could not rely on these in the extreme hot weather.

Along with laughing emojis, she explained: “No hot water bottles, tea or long hot baths today.”

It seems Megan is not alone in her diagnosis, as many other women fled to the comments to relate to her and praise her for raising awareness of the condition.

One person cheered: “Thank you for speaking about this you angel.”

Another user added: “Thank you for posting this! I feel there isn't a lot of awareness about endo and it affects so many people.”

While a third related: “I’m the same boo…I feel this.”

Someone else praised: “Thank you for speaking out about this. I have pain and symptoms every day.”

Meanwhile, a fifth woman shared: “I feel pregnant half the time with my bloating.”

To learn more about endometriosis, you can access information on the official NHS website here.


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