Woman shows off organised pantry so can you spot what's wrong?

Organisation queen shows off her immaculate pantry filled with shelves of labelled jars – so can you spot the issue mums have with it?

  •  A mum has shown off her newly-organised pantry saying jars make it feel bigger
  • But eagle-eyed organisers noticed something missing in the woman’s pantry
  • They asked where she put the stuff that wouldn’t fit into the jars perfectly
  • She revealed excess food like rice and flour is kept in a cupboard in the laundry 

A mum has revealed how she transformed her tiny, cluttered pantry simply by replacing cardboard boxes with neat rows of jars.

She posted photos of the newly-tidied pantry on a Facebook organising ideas group but other mums pointed out a major problem with the space, prompting her to reveal her secret laundry stockpile.

The mum said she thought she had a tiny pantry until she put everything into jars, now she feels like she has more room.

Others were perplexed as to why she felt the need to place every single item into jars instead of storing niche items in baskets or in drawers. 

A mum has revealed how she transformed her tiny, cluttered pantry simply by replacing cardboard boxes with neat rows of jars

‘I also put bread into a container and jars stored in another. All jars were $3-$1 at reject shop. Some rows are double deep too. I feel so organised now,’ she said.

Many questioned how she managed to find containers to fit full bags of ingredients and insisted she must have leftovers stored somewhere else.

‘What I don’t get is how everyone seems to fit all of everything in jars. I’ll be almost out of quinoa, buy a packet of it, go to put it in the jar and have a quarter of a packet left that won’t fit, which then has to go in the pantry too, making it messy and disorganised,’ one mum pointed out.

And she wasn’t the only one confused about where to hide all of the extra stock.

‘Out of curiosity, do you store the rest of the food somewhere? I started this and realised I then needed to store excess food elsewhere so defeated the purpose,’ another asked.  

The mum then admitted she keeps all of her excess packets in a  cupboard in the laundry, this includes rice and flour.

‘The biggest bonus of doing this is that I can tell at a glance when I am running low on anything plus it keeps the moths out,’ she said.

Other organised mums noticed a problem with the seemingly perfect pantry 

They were adamant she must have a separate cupboard fo all of the excess pantry supplies, and they were right

But another woman who said she is 64 and has always used the jar method – she just buys the ‘right sized jar’. 

‘You need to buy the right sized container for each product so it fits the entirety of whatever packet the products coming out of. So pasta container need to be sufficiently sized to hold a whole packet of pasta. Same for sugar, flour and so forth.’

Others agreed jars are the best way to organise a pantry.

‘It’s fabulous. I also use jars but over a period of 50 years married my jars vary in style and size. But I love them so happy to put up with the irregularity. Also dried herbs like a branch of bay leaves or rosemary will keep moths at bay,’ one woman said.

And despite the critics, others labelled the transformation as ‘amazing’.

‘This is the best looking pantry organisation I’ve seen. Jars look amazing, I use Moccona coffee jars in mine and they keep everything so fresh,’ one woman said.

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