Woman spends hundreds on Botox during pregnancy and will glam up to film birth

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Carla Bellucci wants to look her best during her pregnancy.

The mum-of-three has spent a fortune pampering herself in recent months.

Every three months, she spends around £1,000 on Botox, a non surgical eyebrow lift, non surgical eyebrow lift and face fillers.

Then every month, she splashes out hundreds more on laser hair removal, eyebrow threading, manicures, pedicures, facials and massages.

Carla likes looking glam during her antenatal classes – but hits out at other mums who don’t make the effort with her appearance.

She told the Daily Star: “Last week I went to my first antenatal class – well what a shock to my system. So many mumzilllas looking awful!”

The 39-year-old, from Hitchin, Herts, believes women should make more effort with their looks when they’re expecting.

She said: “I feel it’s so important to put effort into your appearance whilst pregnant.Why not? We are pregnant not ill!”

Carla added: “It makes me feel so much better to get glammed up and to keep looking good.It’s also good for my mental health too.

“I feel like woman let themselves go when they are pregnant and I don’t know why so many mums give up on themselves and get the smocks out.

“It’s sad as it’s very important to feel good healthy body is good for the mind.”

Even though Carla thinks it’s important to look your best, not everyone agrees.

The mum has been trolled for keeping up with beauty procedures during pregnancy.

She said: “People have been so negative about me getting Botox and fillers while pregnant.

“But my doctor said there is no evidence it’s affects the baby – even my midwife agrees it’s fine!

“I just think these busybodies should mind their own business and let me get on.”

Carla's beauty treatments

  • Botox in three areas – £500 every three months
  • Non surgical eye lift with fillers – £450 every three months
  • Non surgical eyebrow lift with filler – £350 every three months
  • Eye brows threaded and dyed – £35 monthly
  • Laser hair removal upkeep – £200 monthly
  • Luxurious pedicure – £60 monthly
  • Manicure and gel nails – £35 monthly
  • Pregnancy massage – £75 monthly
  • Facial £200 monthly

  • Lip filler – £250 every six months
  • Personal trainer – £40 a session twice a week with healthy diet plans
  • Hair full head foils and trim – £200 every six weeks

Carla refuses to let haters hold her back and is booking treatments in before she goes into labour.

As the mum is live-streaming her birth for OnlyFans subscribers, she wants to look her best when she’s in theatre.

She added: “I will definitely be getting glammed up before I give birth.

“I will still have my hair, nails and pedicure 100%.

“I’m still me, I will be having my makeup bag close by with all my essentials in.”

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