Woman uses corset to shrink waist to just 16 inches – but lovers don’t like it

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A woman has spent several years strapping herself into corsets in order to shrink her waist to tiny proportions.

Sam, 26, has spent the last two years binding her stomach into the waist trainers to give herself the perfect “hourglass figure.”

Corsets and waist trainers compress the midriff and when worn consistently they can offer semi-permanent results.

They do this by moving the “floating ribs” and temporarily shifting the organs while the corset in being worn.

Sam’s natural waist began at 30 inches – now she claims she has a 22 inch waist when un-corseted.

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This shrinks to 16 inches when strapped in.

The young woman usually wears an 18 inch corset due to having gut issues and even wears it at work.

But, she explained: “I’m already at my goal 16” corseted waist, but I’m attempting to close my 15” corset.”

The world record holder for the smallest waist is currently Cathie Jung, from the USA, who has a 21 inch unbound waist and wears a 15 inch corset.

So, Sam is getting very close to competing for the title.

And, she says that the process isn’t as painful as it looks.

Sam told the Daily Star: “It’s only painful if you rush and don’t purchase a proper fitting corset.

“If there’s any pinching, numbness, pain, raw skin, large gaps at the ribs or hips when the corset is closed then those are signs of an ill fitting corset.”

However, despite her extreme hourglass figure – which rivals cartoon Jessica Rabbit – Sam claims that her romantic partners don’t tend to like the look.

Sam explained: “I have a husband that ran out on me, a boyfriend and a man I screw on the side on occasions and neither of them like it.”

Sam has hundreds of fans who love her incredible proportions, though.

What are waist trainers and are they dangerous?

Waist trainers are typically made from thick and stretchy fabric designed to pull your body in.

Some believe they help them to achieve an hourglass figure.

But experts have warned that the trend is a dangerous one.

A 2018 study found that waist training can make it more difficult to breathe.

Meanwhile, American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) says the extreme corsets can reduce lung capacity.

Other believed side-effects include weakened core, problems with the pelvic floor, organ damage and unpleasant digestive problems.

On her Instagram, @curvaceous_sammm, one person wrote: “Awesome!

“The tighter you wear your corset, the happier I am!”

“Not only is your waistline incredible but you are so beautiful too,” added another.

While a third said: “Wow what a waist."

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