Woodland Park Zoo Introduces Newly-Hatched Snowy Owl Chicks — See the Adorable Baby Birds!

"Snowy owls die from flying into utility lines, wire fences, cars, airplanes (at airports) and other human structures. Some owls are even killed by hunters; changes in the arctic climate also may be a looming threat for this species," the release said, adding that owls, in general, are also in decline due to habitat loss, disease, and poisoning from toxic rodent bait.

The owlets hatched at the Woodland Park Zoo are just two of the many animals the zoo has welcomed since the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including a tawny frogmouth chick, a tapir calf, a gorilla baby, agouti pups, penguin chicks, scaly-sided merganser ducklings, a pudu fawn and a mountain goat kid.

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