Woojin of Stray Kids Opens Up About Life After His Boy Band

K-pop has grown from a regional genre into a global phenomenon. Some of the current superstars of the genre are BTS and Stray Kids. Of the members of Stray Kids, Woojin was one of the most popular until he left the group. Woojin still retains significant popularity since he left the boy band.

Woojin stayed out of the spotlight for a bit after leaving the band. However, he did re-enter the fold. He’s recently talked about what he’s been doing since he left the band.

Woojin’s exit from Stray Kids

Woojin joined the K-pop boy band Stray Kids in 2018. He left the group in October 2019. He left due to personal reasons which he did not specify.

In Jan. 2020, Woojin created an Instagram account. Many Stray Kids fans were happy to hear he created the account. They were glad to see him producing new content, even if he wasn’t part of his old band.

Stray Kids and their fans

Does Woojin feel extra anxiety now that he’s left his former group? Yes, to a degree. “Since I have to take responsibility for everything on my own now, I think I’ve become more careful and cautious. I’ve gained a greater sense of responsibility. It would be a lie to say I’m not anxious at all [after leaving the group] but I haven’t felt greatly anxious or worn out because I know there are fans who like me a lot.”

He says he actually takes some “strength” from knowing he has fans who care about him. This fan devotion seems to extend to the current members of Stray Kids. Refinery29 reports Stray Kids’ fans grew up with the band and feel a profound emotional attachment to them. Stray Kids member Bang Chen compared the band’s relationship with their fans to a familial relationship.

Woojin’s recent life and plans for the future

Woojin might be a superstar, but he’s been up to some pretty normal things lately. “I’ve spent a lot of time lately organizing my thoughts and resting. I went on a few trips with friends too, and I’ve been exercising as well and working hard on self-improvement. I’ve really missed being on stage. I’m planning on holding a fan meeting in the first half of the year to meet with my fans.”

What does Woojin have in store for this fan meeting? He said he could premiere a new song he’s written at the meeting. This would be an especially personal moment for him, as many Stray Kids songs are written by professional songwriters. Woojin is also planning on collaborating with others at the meeting, though he didn’t specify his exact plans.

When Woojin left Stray Kids last year, this led to a public outcry. Many were sad to think he might leave show business. However, we know he’s on his way to a new phase of his career. If that won’t put a smile on a Stray Kids fan’s face, what will?

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