WWE chief Vince McMahon’s bad moods ‘have become running joke and source of laughter’ backstage as tensions rise – The Sun

VINCE MCMAHON’S bad moods reportedly “have become a running joke and source of laughter” inside the WWE locker room.

The company’s CEO hit the headlines last week after he released a huge number of wrestlers and backstage staff amid the financial impact of the coronavirus crisis.

Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was among those casualties, with fellow stars Rusev, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, No Way Jose, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Sarah Logan also axed due to the pandemic.

And English star Drake Maverick also broke down in tears after getting the dreaded news.

McMahon came in for fierce criticism over his decision, but that blow will have been softened a few days later when it emerged he pocketed a £2.8m share dividend payout from WWE.

But it was not all good news as he was forced to shut-down his XFL football project – which has also led to a lawsuit being filed against him.

Now a report from PW Insider says McMahon became a “grumpy SOB” in the aftermath of XFL filing for bankruptcy, with sources inside the company telling them they were trying to stay clear of the billionaire for as long as possible.

One even claimed that they would “go outside and sit in their car or take the widest possible path” to avoid McMahon.

And their report went on to claim his huffs were “a running joke within the company”.

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