WWE star Randy Orton forced to wear protective face mask due to 'first degree burns' after shock fireball incident

WWE star Randy Orton was forced to wear a protective face mask after suffering ‘minor burns’ when he was hit with a fireball on RAW.

The full extent of the Viper's injuries have finally been revealed following a vicious attack from Alexa Bliss last week.

Orton had been due to face WWE champ Drew McIntyre in the main event before the episode was plunged into a dramatic last-minute change.

The title holder has tested positive for Covid-19 – forcing him out of live and in-person appearances until the Royal Rumble.

Legend Triple H ended up filling the void, and he battled The Apex Predator at the end of the show in the quickly thrown together bout.

But the fight ended in dramatic fashion when Bliss launched a flaming assault on Orton as revenge for Bray Wyatt being burned alive at TLC.

The Viper has since shocked fans by kicking off last night's RAW with a mask covering his 'first degree burns' from last week.

He said: "I know everyone in that locker room enjoyed seeing my face burnt to a crisp, knowing their biggest threat may have just been eliminated from competing in the Royal Rumble match.

"You can chop off all my limbs, and it wouldn't stop me from winning this year's Royal Rumble match."

Orton ended his promo by lighting a match and staring at it before finally blowing it out and fans were sent wild by the segment.

One fan tweeted: "This is amazing. Orton is on the biggest hot streak of his career right now. This acting is superb."

Another wrote: "Leonardo DiCaprio shaking rn. This acting was top notch."

But a third added: "Looked like one of the jobbers from Power Rangers."

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