You can now buy a Toblerone cheesecake – and it's perfect for summer

Thought a Toblerone was just for Christmas? Think again. 

The chocolate delight now comes in a dessert variety – in the form of a frozen cheesecake.

Sweet tooths can tuck into the generous 430g cheesecake, which features a chocolate-flavoured biscuit base, a cream-cheese middle and is topped with Toblerone’s classic smooth milk chocolate.

It’s available now for £3.50 in Tesco stores and online, and there’s no denying the treat would make a lovely addition to a summer BBQ or garden party. 

The decadent dessert was first spotted in Australian stores last year by Food Finds Geelong on Instagram – who gave it a solid rating of 8/10.

Giving their honest thoughts of the product, they said: ‘The topping generally tastes like a Toblerone but when eaten all together it does get lost as the biscuit base does overpower it.

‘In saying that, that biscuit base is delicious and blends perfectly with semi sweet centre and again really good for a frozen cheesecake 8/10.’

The new product comes after Toblerone launched a chocolate orange version of its classic bar.

So who knows where the brand will go next. 

But the cheesecake isn’t the only sweet treat set to be a game-changer for picnics this summer.

There are two new types of Jaffa Cake to stock up on: a brand new blackcurrant flavour that’s landing on supermarket shelves any day now, as well as new Jaffa Cake chocolate orange doughnuts – AKA Jonuts.

M&S also has some standout new products, including Colin the Caterpillar in single-serve cake jars, as well as new chocolate s’mores that can go on the BBQ.

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