You can now buy chocolate sausages for Easter and they look delicious

As Easter fast approaches, many of us are keen to ditch tradition and opt for alternative goodies for ourselves and loved ones.

If you’re looking for a whacky option that's very different from the traditional chocolate Easter eggs, Yorkshire food firm HECK has had a crack at something that's sure to hit the spot with sweet-toothed sausage lovers.

For Easter the brand has created a gourmet, gluten-free chocolate sausage, or 'Chausage', inspired by the ‘choc salame’ popular across Europe. We're sure the chocolate treats will also be equally as insta-worthy for all of your Easter snaps.

The chausages will retail for £10 including delivery, but only 500 have been made, making them an unusual and exclusive gift for your favourite chocolate-fan. They will be available to order for delivery between March 26 and April 2 from

The chocolate sausages are made from a satisfyingly sweet combination, which includes gluten-free shortbread and Amaretti biscuits, butter, milk, sugar, sunflower seeds, apricots and more. It is then finished with a light dusting of icing sugar to give it the famous and traditional salame finish, just like its meatier counterparts.

“We love the idea of the sweet salame that are so popular in chocolate shops across Europe” says HECK co-founder Jamie Keeble. “With the shelves awash with eggs at Easter, we thought we’d have some fun and give the Chausage a go and, if customers like it, it could pave the way for other sweet treats further down the line.”

Slice the Chausage and enjoy with a coffee, cut into rounds and serve with a cream egg for a totally sweet take on the traditional sausage and egg breakfast combo, or go the whole hog and serve with some crispy bacon on the side.

Whilst the treat is the perfect size for sharing, if you'd rather enjoy it for yourself there's enough for you to have a few sweet eating sessions.

Looking for more wacky Easter alternatives? Hotel Chocolat has launched an extensive range for Easter 2021, which includes the unusual fan-favourite, soft-boiled eggs and 'chocolate egg sandwiches'.

You can also check out the latest Easter offering from Baileys, the £5 boozy treats are the perfect gift for adults.

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