You can now get paid to look after two dogs and live in a luxury home

Have you lost your job because of the pandemic?

If you fancy spending your days cuddling two dogs and looking after someone’s luxury home, you’re in luck – there’s a new gig up for grabs, and it offers both of these perks with a decent salary on top.

There’s a catch – you need to be in a couple.

The role, which is being advertised through Silver Swan recruitment, calls for two people with a ‘passion for fine food and wine’ and an ‘interest in London’s food, shopping and social scene’ to start at the beginning of summer.

Other qualities in the ideal candidate include high-quality cooking skills, attention to detail and having a driving license.

You’ll be paid £31,000 each and the family will also put you up in a one-bedroom flat of your own in London, rent-free.

Sounds like a dream come true – but what can you expect from the job?

The family are usually away two weeks every month, but when they are home they want you to work five days per week with duties ranging from cooking meals to housekeeping, shopping and caring for their two dogs.

You must be a dog lover (aren’t we all?) and you get plus points if you speak another language, such as French or Spanish.

While the family are away, you are welcome to be as flexible with the work schedule as you want.

With lockdown in place, interviews will take place via video.

Interested? (Let’s be honest, even we are).

Spruce up your CV and apply on the recruiter’s website.

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