You can now have a boozy bath with a bath bomb that smells like Jägermeister

It’s Friday and we’re all in self-isolation (except for our hero key workers, of course), which means you might be enjoying a bubble bath or an after-work-at-home drink in the next hour.

How about combining the two?

We’re not talking about pouring yourself a glass of wine before you dip into the tub  – though by all means do that too, but use a plastic glass to avoid accidents.

No, we’re talking about bathing yourself in a boozy mixture, as Jägermeister has just launched a bath bomb inspired by the dark tipple.

The new novelty bath product smells like a Jäger shot, with notes of aniseed, sweet orange and cinnamon, and also contains fruit, peppermint and bay leaf oils.

And it will turn your water green.

The limited-edition item is part of a gift set that includes two bath bombs, two themed bandanas and two 2cl bottles of Jägermeister.

Well, we can’t go outside, so might as well have a party in the tub, right?

Add Red Bull and put on some rave tunes to give your bathroom more of a nightclub vibe.

The gift pack costs £9.99 and the drinks brand is currently offering free delivery.

If you’re self-isolating with someone else and want to turn the heat up while having a bath together, you could also run through our ‘never have I ever’ question guide.

Who knows, perhaps it will inspire you to tick a few more things off the list.

Just be careful with the splash, and drink responsibly.

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