You can now view the Louvre’s entire collection online – for free

The Louvre’s new online database gives visitors access to its over 480,000 item-strong collection for free.

Taking a trip to Paris may be off the cards for some time to come, but getting a taste of the city’s world-famous culture just got a little bit easier.

For the first time ever, the Louvre has made its entire collection available to view online. Yep, you read that right – in a bid to give people access to the Louvre’s iconic collection despite lockdown and travel restrictions, the world’s most visited museum has put over 480,000 items on its website for people to view up-close whenever they’d like.

And the best bit? It’s absolutely free, so you can nip in and out of the different collections as and when you please.  

To take a look at the vast collection of paintings, sculptures, textiles and objects, all you need to do is visit the Louvre’s new database and start exploring. The site has been optimised for exploration on mobile phones, but you can access it on a laptop, too.

Among the items on offer to view is Leonardo da Vinci’s world-famous Mona Lisa and iconic pieces such as the ancient Greek Venus de Milo sculpture and Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading The People.

Plus, the Louvre has confirmed that the database will be updated regularly when the museum welcomes new works, so there will always be new content to explore.  

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is one of the over 480,000 works available to view.

Announcing the new database on Friday (26 March), the museum’s president-director, Jean-Luc Martinez, said: “The Louvre is dusting off its treasures, even the least-known. For the first time, anyone can access the entire collection of works from a computer or smartphone for free, whether they are on display in the museum, on loan, even long-term, or in storage.”

He continued: “The Louvre’s stunning cultural heritage is all now just a click away. I am sure that this digital content is going to further inspire people to come to the Louvre to discover the collections in person.” 

Although viewing the pieces online may not be exactly the same as getting to see them in the flesh, it’s still a great option if you fancy enjoying some world-class culture from the comfort of your sofa – especially since museums and art galleries in the UK aren’t allowed to open their doors until 17 May when lockdown restrictions ease further.

So, whether you prefer to partake in a quick bedtime scroll, fancy exploring the collection on your coffee break or want to make an evening of it, why not add ‘tour the Louvre’ to your weekend plans?

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