You can now watch everyone's favourite tulips thrive from your own sofa

If you’ve not got a garden and your local park is closed, you might be craving a little vitamin N (nature, obv).

While there’s no surer sign of spring than daffodils blowing under snowing cherry blossoms, it’s the fields of tulips bursting forth that really ignite our imaginations and excitement for better weather.

There’s no display more vibrant than at the Keukenhof, the Netherland’s most popular botanical garden, which is almost exclusively populated by tulips.

Alongside candid photos of cycling through Amsterdam or looking wistfully across bridges, these tulips are the picture that everyone uploads when they visit the city.

Alas, thanks to coronavirus, no one can get into the garden at all. The Dutch government banned public gatherings just as the Keukenhof Flower Exhibit was due to open and the garden won’t be reopening until June.

‘We are doing what’s best for everyone by staying at home, but it hurts to watch the flowers bloom from a window,’ the organisers wrote on their website.

But they’ve come up with a solution for anyone craving some floral distraction – you can now enjoy the Keukenhof’s glorious blooms online.

The garden shared a video of its grounds on 7 April, along with a commentary from its head gardener.

It might not be such a bad thing that the gardens are closed to the public, however. Like many places, the garden has been a victim of over-tourism and is now enjoying a moment of peace – far from the madding crowds.

Last year, the organisers had to beg visitors to respect the flowers after 17 million tourists descended on the grounds, trampling tulips in order to get the best Instagram shot.

Free from pollution and inconsiderate visitors, the tulips can now trive for longer. And if we can watch them from the comfort of our own sofas, even better!

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