Your Cancer Monthly Horoscope for April

Put these dates in your GCal rn:

Wow—March was a long month. We went straight from Mercury Retrograde to a global pandemic, so yeah, it’s been a lot. Many of you celestial crabs may be reading this ‘scope from your home, but of course, for you sweet Cancer, that’s not totally unfamiliar territory. Just like your namesake hermit crab, you carry your home on your back. In other words, maintaining a safe and stable sanctuary is of the ~utmost~ importance. So, if that means you need to buy a few extra houseplants or throw pillows, well, so be it!

On April 4th, Jupiter and Pluto will come together for the first time since 2007. Jupiter symbolizes abundance and expansion, while Pluto represents transformation and rebirth, so the union between these planets will certainly pack a punch. For you, Cancer, this planetary connection is all about relationships. You may feel the urge to seek commitment or closure (romantically, professionally, or even with a BFF), but note that this story is just getting started. The planets will align again on June 30th and November 12th, so this narrative will unfold throughout 2020. At this moment, just observe. You’ll have time to react later.

The sky is activated on April 7th under the Full Moon in Libra. Full Moons reveal everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly. For you, Cancer babe, this lunation is all about finding stability amidst the chaos. What are your anchors? Recently, you may feel like your entire infrastructure has been shattered, but don’t let this unexpected circumstances throw you off balance. You can adapt, Cancer love. Sure, you may experience a bit of discomfort as you get settled into this new reality, but trust that home is always at your core.

On April 19th, the Sun darts into Taurus, marking the beginning of a new astrological season. Then, on April 22nd, the Moon joins the party, forming a New Moon. With the solar and lunar cycle perfectly aligned, you may suddenly find yourself in the mood to schmooze. You may not be able to hit the local club scene, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tap into your virtual network. Consider looking outside your immediate community: Are there any forums or online groups you can join that share your values? The world is expansive, Cancer bb, so don’t be afraid to send a few cold emails (or DMs).

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