Your Daily Dose: 5 fitness apps to help you keep fit at home


Nike recently made its premium workouts free amid the coronavirus pandemic so you will have over 100 workouts led by Nike’s master trainers at your fingertips. You can also customise training plans, which last a few weeks, that will suit your fitness needs – whether it is to build endurance, strength or mobility.

There are collections that feature tips from experts and athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams and Rory McIlroy. Add your friends for a little friendly competition as you embark on your fitness journey at home.

Price: Free


Complete a scenic ride or run from the comfort of your home with Rolla World, an indoor fitness app. Explore virtual worlds and pit yourself against your friends by creating challenges.

To start your jog in the virtual Rolla World, you will need your phone and a Cast-enabled device. Then, with your phone on you, jog on the spot or on a treadmill. For cycling, you will need a smart bike with a compatible power source.

It might be good to give those at home a heads-up – if not you may end up like former Ironman world champion Mirinda Carfrae, who was knocked out of second place in a virtual race after her husband tripped over a wire, unplugging her smart bike. This app is currently only available for Android users, but an iOS app is coming soon.

Price: Free


If you do not have too much time to spare, then this circuit training workout app is perfect for you. The large offering of exercises also come with audio and video cues to help users maintain the correct form throughout the workout.

Price: Free


As its name suggests, no equipment is needed to complete the workouts, making it a convenient way to exercise at home. The app has exercises for beginners to seasoned gym junkies, with workouts for various parts of the body.

You can set the number of sessions you want to do in a week or take on the 7×4 challenges, where you exercise daily for four weeks. There are demonstrations of each exercise. If you enjoy the app and want access to a wider variety of exercises, you can subscribe to the pro version.

Price: Free to download, US$55.98/year (S$79.12) for pro version


For those who miss attending classes with other fitness enthusiasts, fret no more.

Conquer over 100 workouts, which are all free, with your friends by inviting them to join you in live classes on the app or scheduled workouts. Classes are led by well-known trainers such as Cassey Ho, founder of YouTube fitness channel Blogilates.

There is something for everyone here, from cardio to high-intensity interval training to strength and yoga. There is also a pro version that offers features like personalised meal plans, over 500 exclusive recipes and unlimited offline downloads.

Price: Free, $27.98 yearly for FitOn Pro

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