Your Libra Monthly Horoscope for June

Add these dates to your GCal:

June 10: New Moon/solar eclipse in Gemini
June 14:
Saturn square Uranus
June 20:
Sun enters Cancer
June 22:
Mercury Direct
June 24:
Full Moon in Capricorn

Hello, Libra! Welcome to June! Can you believe the year is halfway through? Time is moving at the speed of light, and the eclipses are definitely to blame. On June 10, a New Moon/solar eclipse in Gemini electrifies the sky, sending shockwaves into the area of your chart associated with travel, philosophy, and expansion. Yes, jet-setting has been nearly impossible this past year (no) thanks to the global pandemic, but as the world begins to reopen, you’re feeling increasingly motivated to expand your horizons. Perhaps you’re planning a big move? Or going back to school? Or doubling-down on your spiritual practice through full-time witchery? However you choose to explore this lunation, trust that bravery will be rewarded. What’s more, this solar eclipse is part of a much bigger narrative that will continue through December 2021…the best is yet to come!

Shortly thereafter, on June 14, stoic Saturn in Aquarius and rebellious Uranus in Taurus square off, forming a powerful alignment that unites your creativity and intimacy zones, respectively. So what should you expect? Mid-month, it will become crystal clear that—in order to form long lasting and honest bonds—genuine vulnerability is key. And I’m not talking about carefully curated captions on social media…I’m talking about digging into the dark corners of your psyche. The tough stuff. No matter how much work you’ve done on yourself, it’s painful to resurface difficult memories, so make sure your buttressing this transit through plenty of kindness and compassion. Saturn and Uranus will partner up once more in 2021 (on December 24), so focus on progress as opposed to perfection. You got this, Libra baby!

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Next, on June 20, the Sun moves into Cancer, marking summer solstice and the longest day of the year. Though you may be tempted to trade your WFH sweatpants for a WFH swimsuit, the Sun’s movement through Cancer illuminates the area of your chart associated with career, legacy, and professional achievements, meaning this is actually an excellent time to invest in your success. Don’t be surprised if you receive major news about your career, so make sure your beach day FOMO doesn’t compromise your long-term goals. Major opportunities don’t come around often, so you will not want to squander this moment! Plus, Mercury Retrograde ends on June 22, making it much easier for you to negotiate, sign contracts, and start new projects. We love to see it!

Want more?! I hope so! The month isn’t over just yet! On June 24, a Full Moon in Capricorn ignites an electrical current between the Sun in your career zone and the Moon in your domestic center, creating a fascinating bond between these two domains. How does your home life inform your professional trajectory? Alternatively, how has your work influenced your concept of family? By the end of the month, consider how stability supports bravery—your anchors don’t need to limit your potential; they can actually inspire you to take greater risks! This is a beautiful lunation for planting seeds, setting intentions, and taking action, so don’t be afraid to move your ideas from the astral domain to the physical plane. This is the start of something magnificent. Enjoy the ride!

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