You’ve been making your duvet wrong – mind-blowing hack makes task 10x easier

A woman has revealed a "game-changing" way to change the duvet without breaking a sweat.

Christine shared her secrets on her TikTok account, where she showed her 171,900 followers.

She showed to get the corners right when putting on the new duvet cover.

The simple hack applies to any duvet size, whether it's a single or a king size, and saves a lot of time too.

She narrates over her clip and says: "I'm going to teach you how to easily put on a duvet cover.

"First turn your duvet [cover] inside out and then put the opening towards the bottom of the bed."

Christine continued: "Lay the duvet on top, tie the corners [she lines up the corners of the duvet with the cover], then roll your duvet cover and blanket [duvet] towards the bottom of the bed.

"Next, take the opening and turn it over what you just rolled and close it up.

"And then unravel. Voila!"

Her clip has garnered more than 445,300 views with a seal of approval from her fans.

"Oh my God I've been crawling inside the cover trying to smooth it out," one viewer wrote.

Another one said: "Not gonna lie, I had my doubts but oh man it works!"

A third commented: "I don't know what kind of magic this is and my brain literally cannot comprehend what just happened but it works and I have to say thank you."

Christine replied: "Haha yay! I'm glad it worked for you!"

She also let slip that she's named the method the "California roll" – so will you be giving it a go?

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