Zoey Deutch Says She Had COVID-19 And Feels Guilty For ‘Making It Out OK’

Zoey Deutch feels “incredibly privileged” to have recovered after testing positive for the coronavirus early on. 

The “Buffaloed” star described her experience in an interview with New York magazine’s Vulture blog, published Tuesday. Deutch said she was diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, well before states began enacting their stay-at-home orders in mid-March. 

“I had a sore throat and felt totally delirious, like I was losing my mind,” Deutch said. “I stayed inside for almost two months, and I still very minimally go out, with a mask.” 

“I continued testing positive for a month, which is longer than they’re saying you’re supposed to,” she continued. “I’m so grateful for my health and I also feel guilty, in a way, for making it out OK. I think this virus is bringing up so many conflicting emotions.”

By sharing her experience now, Deutch hopes to encourage fans to wear masks whenever they leave their homes, “even if you think you’re okay and think you don’t have it or think it’s allergies.”

“I am so lucky to be healthy, that I’m safe and not immunocompromised and have access to doctors,” she said. “But not everyone shares that privilege — so we need to be extra careful for those who don’t by wearing masks.” 

Since her recovery, Deutch has been spending much of her free time trying out new recipes, many of which she’s documented for posterity on social media.

She also sounded off on the controversy that erupted earlier this month after New York Times food writer Alison Roman criticized model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen in an interview published by The New Consumer. 

Calling Roman and Teigen “my two crushes,” Deutch said, “I’m not kidding when I say I am distraught over it. … My greatest passion in life is food and eating.”

Though most of Hollywood remains shuttered at present, Deutch’s acting career is still very much in high gear. She’ll appear in Season 2 of “The Politician,” starring Ben Platt and Gwyneth Paltrow, which debuts on Netflix June 19. 

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