George Floyd's Funeral and Memorial Services Announced

George Floyd will be laid to rest after numerous memorials are held in his honor across the country.

According to NBC News, the 46-year-old is set to be memorialized in the three cities he resided in throughout his lifetime. 

The first of the three events will take place at the Trask Word and Worship Center at North Central University, located in Minneapolis, the same city where George Floyd died while under arrest by former police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin is facing third-degree murder and manslaughter chargers. He and three officers were fired for their involvement in Floyd’s detainment. Rev. Al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy for the services, as he announced on his Twitter on Monday. 

This service will be followed by a Saturday memorial in North Carolina, where Floyd was born.

Finally, Floyd will be laid to rest on Tuesday, June 9, following a viewing of his body on Monday. The viewing and service will be held at the Fountain of Grace Church in Houston, a church that has been attended by the Floyd family. 

Due to concerns over the coronavirus, attendance will be limited, NBC News reports. Further information is forthcoming.

According to TMZ, boxer Floyd Mayweather will be covering the costs of the funeral taking place in Houston. The outlet shared a photo of the $88,500 check that Mayweather sent to the Houston funeral home.

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It is expected that former Vice President and 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden will be in attendance at the Houston services on Tuesday, a lawyer for the Floyd family confirmed to NBC News. 

Biden is one of the many celebrity figures—including Ariana GrandeNick Cannon and Jamie Fox among others—who are participating in the protests and voicing their demands for justice. 

To learn how to take action and get involved, please click here.

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Disgusting state of Britain's beaches is revealed

Lockdown litter louts: Disgusting state of Britain’s beaches after a weekend of soaring temperatures is revealed… as rubbish is piled high and plastic bottles of human waste are found by clean-up volunteers

  • Sunseekers who thronged beauty spots over the weekend have been accused of leaving their rubbish behind 
  • Temperatures hit 84F (29C) today – beating current 2019 high of 82.7F (28.2C) set in Suffolk on May 20
  • But Britain faces gloomy start to summer following May being the UK’s sunniest month since records began
  • Daytime temperatures are set to plunge to 43F (6C) this week, with some areas of UK as cold as Greenland 
  • But wet weather will bring relief to water companies and parched gardens amid fears over hosepipe bans
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Lockdown-flouting sunseekers who thronged beauty spots during the weekend heatwave were accused of leaving mountains of rubbish behind.

At Dorset’s Durdle Door beach, volunteers were left clearing up piles of discarded face masks and remnants of barbecues and picnics. Plastic bottles of human waste were also left behind.

‘To witness the disregard with which Durdle Door, our beaches and coast paths, have been treated is shocking,’ said Jurassic Coast Trust chief executive Lucy Culkin, adding that the charity had received ‘hundreds of messages highlighting the volume of litter’.

In the Lake District, rangers filled 130 bags with rubbish after the weekend while in the Yorkshire Dales, two couples alone picked up 53 bags of litter from Stainforth Force waterfall near Settle. Local councillor Paul Sullivan said: ‘It is horrendous… Too many people won’t pick up.’

It comes after Britons flocked to beaches as the relentless spring sunshine brought temperatures as high as 84F (29C).

Wish you weren’t here: Rubbish is piled high on Dorset’s Durdle Door beach after a weekend of partying by day trippers

Litter at the beach in Sandbanks.  The hordes of daytrippers visiting the exclusive resort in Poole Harbour have left huge piles of rubbish on the beaches and streets and have caused traffic gridlock on the enclave that has one road on and off of it

Beach BBQs at Sandbanks, Dorset over the weekend.  Millionaire residents of Sandbanks have told of being under siege by thousands of tourists who are bringing mayhem and carnage to the posh pinsunsula

Bournemouth and Southend were packed with day-trippers keen to enjoy the heat – but the large numbers made social distancing almost impossible with people from different households now allowed to meet up in groups of six.

May was the sunniest month in the UK since records began, but the country is now facing a gloomy start to the summer – just as the coronavirus lockdown is being eased and people can hold barbecues in their garden.

Daytime temperatures are set to plunge to 43F (6C) this week, with some areas of the UK as cold as Greenland. However, wet weather will bring relief to water companies and parched gardens amid fears over hosepipe bans.

The last day of the warm sunshine was today, with western England and North Wales hottest, with a high of 84F (29C) beating the current 2019 record of 82.7F (28.2C) set in Suffolk on May 20.

Day trippers packed the The Pebble Beach, River Wharfe, Ilkley West Yorkshire, on Saturday. They gathered in groups of more than the allowed six

Beach bums: Unwanted reminder of revellers at Ilkley’s Pebble Beach, West Yorkshire. Visitors spent the weekend sunbathing and enjoying the cooling water 

Maximum temperatures of 77F (25C) were expected widely across the rest of England and Wales today – the same as the conditions forecast in Ibiza – apart from coastal areas, where 68F (20C) to 70F (21C) was expected.

It came as a raft of lockdown restrictions were eased yesterday, with six people from different households now allowed to meet outdoors as long as social distancing is followed. They are able to meet in private gardens or in parks or beaches.  

Primary schools were reopened for reception, year one and year six, outdoor markets were reopened, along with car showrooms, while horse racing became the first sport to resume, though without spectators.

People in the vulnerable ‘shielding’ group who have until now been advised to stay indoors are also now allowed to go outside for a walk.  

People pack the beach at Bournemouth this afternoon as the public are reminded to still practise social distancing 

People swim in the sea and take to the beach at Bournemouth in Dorset today as they make the most of the hot weather

Julie (left) and Andreea (right) from Bournemouth cool down with an ice cream by the beach on the Dorset coast today

People on the beach at Bournemouth today as they make the most of the hot weather before conditions turn tomorrow

People gather on the beach and seafront on a hot day in Bournemouth today as the lockdown continues to be eased

People gather on the beach and seafront on a hot day in Bournemouth today as they make the most of the warm weather

People swim in the sea and take to the beach at Bournemouth in Dorset today as the hot weather continues

The beach fills up at Bournemouth in Dorset today with the UK enjoying another very warm day across the country

Sunbathers were left with little space to social distance on the sand by Bournemouth’s Pier, which was emblazoned with a ‘#SaveLives’ sign to encourage people to ‘Stay Alert’

Bournemouth’s council leader has written to MPs and police urging them to re-think lifting restrictions that have allowed for ‘awful scenes’ of beaches being packed out over the weekend

A swimmer jumps into the sea at Bournemouth, Dorset, as the public are being reminded to practise social distancing following the relaxation of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions in England 

Maximum temperatures of 77F (25C) were expected widely across the rest of England and Wales today – the same as the conditions forecast in Ibiza – apart from coastal areas, where 68F (20C) to 70F (21C) was expected

People gather on the beach and seafront in Bournemouth today. The government has stated that six people can now meet together at a park or private garden as lockdown continues to ease. Restrictions were in place to stem the spread of the coronavirus

An RNLI lifeguard patrols the waters along the beach in Bournemouth, Dorset, as the public are being reminded to practise social distancing following the relaxation of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions in England 

Then tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms could bring between half an inch and an inch of rain to the South West and South Wales. Patchy light rain is expected further north.

By Thursday, which is set to be mostly cloudy with some showers, just 59F (15C) to 61F (16C) is likely in most areas of England and Wales.

Parts of northern England could be colder still with 43F (6C) forecast in the central Pennines. Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, is set to reach 52F (11C).

Met Office forecaster Nicola Maxey said better conditions are likely towards the weekend. For Friday, she said: ‘There is potential for dry weather with sunny spells, although it is likely to be breezy with the chance of a shower.’ 

Groups of people, some suspiciously larger than six, were seen getting together on Crawfordsburn beach in County Down

People relax on the banks and paddle in the River Wharfe in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, today as warm weather continues and the UK lockdown eases 

A man jumps from the suspension bridge into the water as others relax on the banks of the River Wharfe in Ilkley, West Yorkshire 

Saturday is set to be slightly cooler while Sunday is expected to be ‘rather cold’ and cloudy. Miss Maxey said the second half of June should turn warmer again, particularly in the South.

A record average of 626 hours of bright sunshine were counted over March, April and May this year, beating the previous record of 555 hours in 1948.

May was the sunniest calendar month ever, with 266 hours, in the records going back to 1929. And last month might have been the driest May since 1896, with just 9.6mm (0.4in) of rain.

The chances of a hosepipe ban across the UK this summer have been already rated as odds-on by bookmakers, with Northern Ireland warning of a possible ban. 

People gather to enjoy the sun in Potters Field, London, as the public are being reminded to practise social distancing following the relaxation of lockdown restrictions 

Groups of people relax in the sun on Gyllyngvase Beach on June 02, 2020 in Falmouth, Cornwall, as the Government further relaxed Covid-19 quarantine measures in England this week 

People are pictured on the beach in Falmouth, Cornwall, as the Government has relaxed lockdown restrictions in England 

Groups of people relax in the sun on Gyllyngvase Beach on June 02, 2020 in Falmouth, Cornwall. The British government further relaxed Covid-19 quarantine measures in England this week, allowing groups of six people from different households to meet in open spaces

People are pictured sunbathing in Falmouth, Cornwall, amid a loosening of restrictions across England with the Government allowing people to meet in groups of six while social distancing 

Umbrellas were used to shelter from the sun at the beach at Durdle Door in Dorset as people made the most of the hot weather today 

Didn’t you see the news? People are pictured gathering in groups in Durdle Door, Dorset, again today as the Government allows six people from different households to meet 

People gather on the beach and seafront today in Bournemouth as the Government announced a restriction in lockdown measures 

People are seen on the beach as they enjoy the hot weather in Formby, following the relaxation of lockdown rules in England

A group of young children run through the water as they enjoy the good weather at Southend-on-Sea in Essex today

A boy paddles in the sea on Saltdean beach near Brighton in East Sussex today

People enjoying the good weather on the beach at Southend-on-Sea in Essex today

Britons make the most of the sunshine at Saltdean beach near Brighton on the south coast this afternoon

A woman sunbathes at Potters Field in London today as the coronavirus lockdown continues to be eased in the country

People enjoy the sunshine on the beach near Brighton Pier on the Sussex coast today

People and a dog in the water at Compton Lock on the River Itchen near Winchester in Hampshire today

Paddle boarders in Whitley Bay on the North East coast today as they make the most of the warm conditions

The UK’s largest water firm, United Utilities, which supplies North West England, has asked its customers to limit their use of hose pipes and sprinklers.

But Mick Ainsley of the GMB union said: ‘If there are problems with the availability of water to households after such heavy rainfall [over autumn and winter] then the water companies have to face the fact that the problem is part of the systems that they are paid to keep in tip top condition.’ 

Sunniest May on record: How last month was a record breaker for the UK

May has been exceptionally dry and sunny with the month becoming the sunniest the UK has seen since records began, the Met Office said.

England has seen its driest May on record and Wales its second driest in records stretching back to 1862, with just 17% of average rainfall for the month for both countries.

The UK has also experienced its sunniest spring in records stretching back to 1929, with 626 hours of bright sunshine – beating the previous high of 555 hours in 1948 by more than 70 hours.

And May 2020 has been the sunniest calendar month on record with 266 hours of sunshine, beating the previous record of 265 hours in June 1957, the Met Office said.

Overall it has been the fifth driest spring for the UK and the eighth warmest.

It is a dramatic shift from the winter with its record wet February, and the Met Office said it is the largest difference in rainfall between a notably wet winter from December to February and a dry spring from March to May.

The dry, sunny weather and continuing coronavirus lockdown are now putting pressures on water demand, prompting industry body Water UK to urge gardeners to avoid using sprinklers in the evening – though the wet winter means there is no prospect of hosepipe bans in the future.

Dr Mark McCarthy, the head of the Met Office’s National Climate Information Centre, said: ‘The most remarkable aspect is just how much some of the May and spring records for these climate statistics have been exceeded.

‘Exceeding the UK sunshine record is one thing, but exceeding by over 70 hours is truly exceptional.

‘The sunshine figures for spring would even be extremely unusual for summer and only three summers would beat spring 2020 for sunshine hours.

‘The principal reason for the dry and sunny weather is the extended period of high pressure which has been centred over or close to the UK.’

In the exceptional conditions, water companies have seen a huge rise in demand for water from households, particularly in the evenings, with use up 20 per cent and some areas seeing peak demand of up to 40 per cent above normal for the time of year.

Along with cutting sprinkler use, steps to reduce water use include taking shorter showers, making sure the dishwasher is full and on an eco-setting before running it through, and reusing paddling pool water on the flowerbeds, Water UK said.

But the industry body stressed people should keep following the guidance on protecting their health during the pandemic, by making sure they wash their hands regularly.

And after the wet winter, there are good supplies of water in reservoirs and there are currently no plans for hosepipe bans in the UK, Water UK said.

Water UK chief executive Christine McGourty added: ‘These are exceptional times and the record-breaking dry weather is a powerful reminder of what a precious, natural resource our water is.

A man searches for metal on the beach at Southend-on-Sea in Essex as people are reminded to practise social distancing

Hailie Macro 17, rides through a field of poppies this morning near Lakenheath in Suffolk on Fara the Belgian Draft horse

A man sunbathes at St James’s Park in London today as people continue to enjoy the hot weather in parks and beauty spots

The RNLI are pictured along the Bournemouth seafront in Dorset this morning having resumed some lifeguarding duties

People enjoy the weather at the English Heritage site of Hadleigh Castle near Southend-on-Sea in Essex this morning

Two people stand on a bridge over the River Itchen near Ovington in Hampshire this morning

People enjoy the hot weather at Whitburn in South Tyneside today before conditions are expected to turn tomorrow

People at a coffee and ice cream cabin at Greenwich Park in South East London today as the UK enjoys warm weather

Mallard ducklings swim on a pond on Wandsworth Common in South West London

A woman walks her dog next to low water levels at Corbridge in Northumberland yesterday after the driest May on record

‘With so many people at home and enjoying their gardens, water companies are seeing record demand for water, which can cause issues with water pressure. Working together, we can all make a difference right now, so let’s use water wisely.

‘We need to keep washing our hands, but make other small changes to our water use, for example cutting back on paddling pools and sprinklers, particularly at the peak times in the evening.’

Sir James Bevan, chief executive of the Environment Agency, said that in the prolonged dry weather the message to customers was to use water wisely but not to stint on hygiene measures to tackle Covid-19.

He told the Public Accounts Committee: ‘At the moment, although this is putting a lot of pressure on the water companies, the water companies are managing.

But they will only be able to continue to manage if everybody is responsible in how they use water over the next few months.’

But in the committee hearing on water supply and demand, he also acknowledged that telling people to conserve water when utilities were losing so much in leaks was a problem.

‘It does undermine the ‘use water wisely’ message, so it needs to be addressed,’ he told MPs.

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‘Riverdale’ Star Vanessa Morgan Voices Frustration Over “How Black People Are Portrayed In Media”

Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan is speaking up about the portrayal of African Americans in media.

The actress, who plays Toni Topaz on the popular CW series, posted a note on Twitter that read, “Tired of how black people are portrayed in Media, tired of us being portrayed as thugs, dangerous or angry scary people. Tired of us also being used as sidekick non dimensional characters to our white leads. Or only used in the ads for diversity but not actually in the show.”

She captioned the note with “I’m not being Quite anymore #BlackLivesMatter.”

Today, in response to a commenter that said: “imagine they’re getting so much more bang for their buck bc ur part of an lgbt storyline too, double the diversity – DOUBLE UR PAYCHECK IMO.” Morgan followed up with “Lmao too bad I’m the only black series regular but also paid the least… girl i could go on for days.”

In another tweet, Morgan clarified, “My role on Riverdale has nothing to do with my fellow castmates/friends. They don’t write the show. So no need to attack them, they don’t call the shots & I know they have my back.”

Morgan joined the series as a recurring character in season 2 and was upped to series regular by the next season. She became the only black series regular after Ashleigh Murray, who played Josie McCoy, transited to CW’s Katy Keene after the 3rd season.

Recently, Morgan defended her former co-star McCoy, who was accused of being a diva during her time on the show.

“You don’t know what the fuck your talking about and don’t talk about my friend like that. Another thing i hate BLACK women being called DIVAS for sticking up for themselves. Maybe the show should write for her like the white characters. You picked the wrong day get off my page.”

See the tweets below.

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Nickelodeon pauses to play breathing sounds in tribute to George Floyd

Nickelodeon goes off-air for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to play breathing sounds alongside the words ‘I can’t breathe’ in tribute to George Floyd

  • Nickelodeon played 8 minutes and 46 seconds of breathing sounds on Monday 
  • During the video they flashed the words ‘I can’t breathe,’ words said by African Americans George Floyd and Eric Garner as they died as the hands of police 
  • In the clip, the children’s network told viewers to text ‘DEMANDS’ to 55156 to ‘call on public officials across the country to take real action’
  • Some adults complained it could be scary for children but Nickelodeon defended the move 
  • ‘Unfortunately, some kids live in fear everyday. It is our job to use our platform to make sure that their voices are heard and their stories are told,’ they replied 

Nickelodeon paused its programming on Monday to play 8 minutes and 46 seconds of breathing sounds in support of ‘justice, equality, and human rights’ after the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota last Monday.

Floyd – a 46-year-old black man – died after three Minneapolis Police officers held him face down on the ground and white cop Derek Chauvin pressed his knee into his neck for nearly nine minutes as the man cried: ‘I can’t breathe.’

As the music industry led a blackout initiative, pledging not to spend or sell anything Tuesday in protest of racial inequality, Nickelodeon had its own blackout the night before.

‘You have the right to be seen, heard, and respected as a citizen of the world,’ read rolling credits in an early tribute on Monday at 5pm Eastern. 

‘You have the right to a world that is peaceful. You have the right to be treated with equality, regardless of the color of your skin.

‘You have the right to be protected from harm, injustice, and hatred. You have the right to an education that prepares you to run the world. You have the right to your opinions and feelings, even if others don’t agree with them.’

It was a message originally created in June 1990.

Later in the evening, the network played a countdown with the words ‘I can’t breathe’ slowly flashing, accompanied by breathing audio.

Viewers were also given information about Color of Change, telling them to text ‘DEMANDS’ to 55156 to ‘call on public officials across the country to take real action’. 

The company said it was encouraging employees to ‘shift their focus from building our business to building community’.

But some adults complained Nickelodeon was not the right platform to address racial inequality. However, the network disagreed.

African American man George Floyd (pictured) died after white cop Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for nearly minutes last Monday

‘This is not the right platform for this at all. The average age of the children that watch your channel are under the age of 12 and if anything all you’re doing is scaring children and that is just wrong,’ one social media user commented.

However Nickelodeon responded: ‘Unfortunately, some kids live in fear everyday. It is our job to use our platform to make sure that their voices are heard and their stories are told.’

One Twitter user noted that African American child ‘Tamir Rice was 12 years old when he was gunned down by the police while holding a toy gun’. 

Some adults defended the move, pointing out that programming such as Are You Afraid of the Dark? is scarier.

One tweeted: ‘Imagine the privilege of your child being scared of some words on a Nickelodeon screen as opposed to black children being afraid of getting murdered for nothing daily.’

Another said: ‘Some white parents LOVE shielding their kids from REAL s**t! This is why some white kids grow up sheltered and ignorant. Nickelodeon did what it had to do! Your kids are in the real world too. You need to teach them social justice! Why is Black Lives Matter a thing? TEACH THEM!’

Some adults praised Nickelodeon’s action and criticized the response from parents who were offended by the pause in programming

ViacomCBS networks MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, CBS Sports and BET did the same on Monday.

The media company’s website also went dark with only a message: ‘Our Business Is On Pause Today.’

The president of Entertainment & Youth Group, Chris Mccarthy, told staff in an email: ‘One week ago, for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the breath of one of our fellow humans was taken from him. His name was George Floyd.

‘Today at 5pm ET, the E&Y brands and platforms around the world will go dark for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to show our support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and the fight against police brutality and racial inequality.

‘We know there is a lot of work ahead of us, and I am committed to action beyond these words with all of you. We must continue to work together, to look within, and to support one other and our fellow humans – all with compassion for each other.’

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Teresa Giudice to Document Dating Life on ‘RHONJ’ Season 11 After Joe Split

Bravo hit pause on filming season 11 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey amid the coronavirus pandemic, but Teresa Giudice will be ready when the cameras start rolling again.

“Teresa is ready to fully put the past behind her and move forward in every part of her life, that includes allowing Bravo to film her dating,” a source tells Us Weekly exclusively. “She wants all this to be past her, focus on her girls, but not feel scared anymore. She’s ready to get back to a more normal life with her family and her dating life.”

The source adds, “When the cameras start rolling, dating is going be a part of Teresa’s storyline.”

Teresa, 48, and estranged husband Joe Giudice announced their split in December 2019. The twosome, who were married for more than 20 years, made the decision to go their separate ways after Joe, also 48, moved to Italy amid his deportation battle. Four months later, the former construction business owner lost his final deportation appeal, seemingly solidifying his move to his native country.

The former couple share four daughters: Gia, 19, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 10. In April, Joe got emotional via Instagram after his daughters were forced to cancel their trip to see him for Easter amid the COVID-19 crisis.

“My heart breaks for anyone who is going through not seeing their kids, wife, parents, or loss,” he wrote on the social media platform on April 11. “This has taught me to be grateful and humbled by all my experiences it reinforced the idea of never taking anything for granted, especially my babies.”

Earlier that month, Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, confirmed that the Standing Strong author started divorce proceedings, telling Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that the “paperwork” was “almost done.”

Gorga, 40, added at that the time that Teresa hadn’t started seeing anyone “yet.”

Bravo hasn’t publicly commented on the production of RHONJ season 11. Teresa’s costar Jennifer Aydin is among the hundreds of thousands of people who have recovered from coronavirus in the United States.

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Peter Shilton denied us our big moment in push for 125th cap at Italia 90, reveals Dave Beasant – The Sun

PETER SHILTON’S record-breaking 125th cap in the final game of Italia 90 left a sour taste for England’s other goalkeepers.

Dave Beasant and Chris Woods reveal the hurt that has stayed with them in the final part of our serialisation of Italia 90 Revisited — The Players’ Stories by Harry Harris, available from Empire Publications.

ALTHOUGH I was the fourth choice at the time, I’d had such a good season with Chelsea I felt I was in with a chance of making the cut and going to the World Cup.

The goalkeepers were Peter Shilton, Chris Woods, David Seaman and myself and as I had only had two caps it looked like the manager would go with the more experienced keepers.

But I felt I was in the group on merit and still had a chance.

I was rooming with Dave when the knock on the door came. The England manager looked at me and said, ‘Good news Dave . . .’

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Seaman wince, he must have been thinking, ‘Oh Christ, I’m not going to the World Cup!’

Then Bobby Robson, still looking at me, finished his sentence, ‘Good news Dave . . . no more training for you!’

I was heading for home but he told me to keep myself ticking over, as you never know what might happen.

I was on a golf day and when I finished my round a few people said, ‘Well done on your call-up!’ I thought they were taking the p***.


By Chris Woods

IT was disappointing to have gone to two World Cups without getting a game but it was still unbelievable to have been part of both squads.

At Mexico 86 I didn’t really expect to play and was No 2 — but by 1990 I felt on par and thought I would be in the team for the third and fourth place play-off game.

But I wasn’t, despite being told that I would be playing.

After I was picked, the manager spoke to Peter Shilton — and he wanted to play.

You build yourself up for the game, then all of a sudden you are told you are not playing.

It was a kick in the teeth.

But they were insistent and told me I had to look up BBC Ceefax where there was an item which said Robson was trying to contact Beasant as Seaman was injured.

I contacted the FA and was on my way to Sardinia.

It was great to be part of such a wonderful experience.

We lost on penalties in the semi-final to West Germany but I came away with a World Cup bronze medal given to everyone who reached the last four.

That made the play-off for third and fourth place even more ludicrous and irrelevant.


But it was important for everyone who hadn’t played, as it was an opportunity to earn a World Cup cap.

Robson told the squad that anyone who hadn’t played so far would be in the team.

Chris was overjoyed as this was his second World Cup and he hadn’t got a game, and I was happy as I was to come on in the second half.

Then Shilts had a word with Robson. He wanted to go out on his 125th cap, play in the whole game and then announce his retirement.

I felt for Chris as his chance had now gone. We were both very much aggrieved.

If Shilts had realised the euphoria being generated back home he would have waited and it would have been more fitting if he’d been allowed to win his 125th cap at Wembley in front of an appreciative crowd.

Instead his farewell was in a meaningless game, when he was caught trying to dribble with the ball and Italy scored, as his England career fizzled out.

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Knicks follow their players’ lead with BlackOut Tuesday post

While the Knicks are one of two NBA teams that haven’t released statements on George Floyd’s police-related death, their players have been active.

Knicks shooting guard Damyean Dotson has been the most vocal on social media, revealing a personal connection to Floyd as they both attended the same Houston high school.

Dotson tweeted Sunday: “Honestly I needed a few days to really process everything that’s going on! #GeorgeFloyd was a Houston native and a alumni at my high school. These actions are necessary! Justice is necessary! Watching that video is very disturbing! I’m here to stand up for what’s right!”

Dotson, 26, attended Yates High School, where Floyd graduated in 1993. Classmates rallied for a vigil Sunday in Houston for Floyd. Dotson also retweeted several other quotations, including from the account of Martin Luther King Jr.’s son, Martin Luther King III: “As my father explained during his lifetime, a riot is the language of the unheard.”

People close to Dotson said the Knicks never reached out to him across the week.

The Knicks came under criticism Monday night for being silent on the issue with an ESPN report stating some players are “furious.” The Post reported some Knicks employees were disappointed and an email from owner James Dolan surfaced explaining his decision.

On Tuesday, after team employees held a virtual meeting regarding the Dolan email per ESPN, the Knicks appeared to attempt to make amends. Their Instagram account supported the BlackOut Tuesday movement.

Dolan stated he “realized the importance of the issue,” adding “however we are not any more qualified than anyone else to offer our opinion on social matters.”

Former Knicks star Larry Johnson, who works in the club’s alumni relations department, appeared to support Dolan with a tweet:

“The statement put out by James Dolan and MSG has some truth in it. As a Blackman and employee of MSG it is our responsibility to stand up for our Black Brother. DO FOR SELF!”

And the players have.

Dennis Smith Jr. was photographed at a North Carolina protest rally with his rapper friend J. Cole, and other Knicks such as Julius Randle, Kevin Knox and Taj Gibson have tweeted Floyd outrage.

“Scared of the world I have to raise my son in today,” Randle shared on Instagram alongside an image of Floyd. “Not many words to describe. What’s been going. I just know I’m hurt and heartbroken and it’s TIME FOR A CHANGE.’’

Knox wrote #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd with photos of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem on Instagram.

Gibson retweeted a Baron Davis post “Privilege is a bitch” with a video of a cop fighting a protester with the officer being thrown to the ground.

Of the 17 players on the Knicks roster, including their two two-way players, only Lithuanian-Canadian rookie Ignas Brazdeikis is white. In the Knicks’ front office is Craig Robinson, who is Barack Obama’s brother-in-law but expected to leave the organization when his contract expires in August.

Dolan’s history of African-American front-office hires is extensive. In 2018-19 and start of 2019-20, they had a black coach in David Fizdale and their top five front-office executives were black – Steve Mills, Scott Perry, Robinson, Harold Ellis and Gerald Madkins.

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Meghan Markle Addresses Her Experience With Racism in Resurfaced Video

Not holding back. Meghan Markle shared her perspective on racism and her hopes for a better future in a resurfaced video from long before her days in the royal family.

The 2012 clip began making the rounds online on Tuesday, June 2, as protestors continue to demand justice after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. In the video, the 38-year-old former Suits star stands proudly in a shirt that says “I Won’t Stand for Racism” and speaks out about her own experiences with prejudice.

“I’m biracial. Most people can’t tell what I’m mixed with and so much of my life has felt like being a fly on the wall. And so some of the slurs that I’ve heard or the really offensive jokes, or the names, it’s just hit me in a really strong way,” the retired actress said at the time. “And then, you know, a couple of years ago I heard someone call my mom the N-word. So I think for me, beyond being personally affected by racism, just to see the landscape of what our country is like right now, and certainly the world, and [I] want things to be better.”

The California native stated that “race is part of what defines you,” and that the way a person looks shouldn’t impact the way they are treated. “I am really proud of my heritage on both sides, I’m really proud of where I’ve come from and where I’m going,” she concluded. “I hope that by the time I have children, that people are even more open-minded to how things are changing and that having a mixed world is what it’s all about.”

Four years after recording this powerful video, Markle began dating Prince Harry and became the subject of scrutiny in the U.K. The couple tied the knot in May 2018, and nearly a year and a half later, the 35-year-old prince defended his wife against the extreme “bullying” she had faced.

“I have been a silent witness to her private suffering for too long. To stand back and do nothing would be contrary to everything we believe in,” he wrote in an October 2019 statement. “There comes a point when the only thing to do is to stand up to this behaviour, because it destroys people and destroys lives.”

When the duo announced the next year that they would be stepping down from their senior roles in the royal family, an insider explained that they had been pushed to their limits. “When it became clear Meghan was never going to get a fair shake, Harry snapped,” the source said in March as the pair briefly settled down in Canada with their son, Archie. Us Weekly confirmed later that month that the family of three moved to Los Angeles.

Though the former duchess and her husband have not spoken directly about the nationwide protests against police brutality in the wake of Floyd’s death, their Queen’s Commonwealth Trust organization showed their support for the movement.

“Young people are vital voices in the fight against injustice and racism around the world. As a global community of young leaders we stand together in pursuit of fairness and a better way forward,” a statement from the foundation said on Monday, June 1. “Silence is not an option.”

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Stephen Jackson Says NFL Owes Colin Kaepernick an Apology as Commissioner Supports Protests

"That's so fake, man. It's so fake," Jackson said of the NFL’s statement.

He continued to ESPN, "Why even do it? We know it's not real. We know it's not real. You're making yourself look bad. That's one of those situations where they shouldn't even say nothing, bro. They shouldn't even say nothing. … If anything, they need to apologize to [Colin] Kaepernick. If they're gonna respond on this type of stuff, start it off with an apology to Kaepernick. Then maybe we'll accept it."

Many had a similar reaction to the statement on social media. Wrote actor Drew Carey, "So … you’re gonna let @Kaepernick7 back in the league and let him kneel during the National Anthem?"

Added director Ava DuVernay, "Shame on you. This is beyond hollow + disingenuous. This is a lie. Your actions show who you are. You’ve done nothing but the exact opposite of what you describe here. Keep Mr. Floyd’s name out of your mouth. Shame on you + the 'consultants' of this travesty of an organization."

Kaepernick has spoken out in support of the protestors, called revolting "the only logical reaction" when "civility leads to death."

“The cries for peace will rain down, and when they do, they will land on deaf ears, because your violence has brought this resistance," he continued on Twitter. "We have the right to fight back! Rest in Power George Floyd.”

The athlete also announced the formation of a legal defense initiative for protesters in Minneapolis funded by the Know Your Rights Camp, an organization he founded.

"In fighting for liberation there's always retaliation," he wrote in one tweet Friday. "We must protect our Freedom Fighters. We started a legal defense initiative to give legal representation to Freedom Fighters in Minneapolis paid for by @yourrightscamp.

To help combat systemic racism, consider learning from or donating to these organizations:

  • Campaign Zero ( which works to end police brutality in America through research-proven strategies.
  • works to make government more responsive to racial disparities.
  • National Cares Mentoring Movement ( provides social and academic support to help black youth succeed in college and beyond.

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Woman pretends to board up building for tone-deaf photo op

Hope her picture was worth it.

As Black Lives Matter protests continue across the country, a woman is garnering backlash on social media for her tone-deaf photo op, in which she pretends to board up a storefront from looters, before dashing back to a Mercedes and driving away.

The clip, which appears to be originally posted by Twitter user @ewufortheloss on Monday, shows a young woman in Santa Monica, California, posing with a drill while a companion photographs her. “Thank you so much; thank you so much,” she says, after getting her shot. As she ducks back into her car, she can be heard flippantly calling out “BLM,” or Black Lives Matter.

Like New York City, Los Angeles has become a chief city for protests to combat police brutality and the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

“This lady stopped someone boarding up a store in Santa Monica so she could hold the drill for a picture, then drove away. Please don’t do this,” Ewu writes in the post.

A similar cringe-worthy video is also making the rounds online. “Girl is making her boyfriend take a picture of her in front of a smashed T-Mobile, [gasp], oh my God,” says the narrator of this clip, posted to the popular account @InfluencersInTheWild.

“When They See Us” director Ava DuVernay was one of the many who shared their disgust at the Santa Monica woman’s actions. “You know what? I’m … I think I’m gonna put Twitter away for a few minutes before I throw this phone across the room,” she writes in response to the clip.

“What is wrong with these entitled a - - holes?! Who the f – – k are you and who are your parents you horrible person. How can anyone defend this???!!!” tweets singer P!nk.

Eagle-eyed social-media users identified the woman in the video as Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin, who uses the handle @FactsWithFiona on Twitter. Taylor Lorenz, a New York Times reporter who covers internet culture, was one of the many who publicly recognized Moriarty-McLaughlin in the video.

The Post reached out to Moriarty-McLaughlin for comment via email and phone. She has not responded.

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After her name became associated with the clip, Moriarty-McLaughlin made her Twitter account private, according to screenshots shared online. Currently, her account appears to have been deactivated. A private Instagram profile also appears to belong to Moriarty-McLaughlin.

Moriarty-McLaughlin has been identified by Insider as a commentary writer at the Washington Examiner, per her Twitter bio. A staff page on the Examiner’s website identifies her as a commentary intern.

This was allegedly not Moriarty-McLaughlin’s first public foray into the discourse about the recent protests. Insider reports that she referred to protesters as “Paid #Antifa thugs.”

On Sunday, she tweeted a video of a billboard for celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin’s brand Ouai being spray-painted with the phrase “Black Lives Matter.”

“As if vandalizing all the buildings in LA wasn’t enough, @Blklivesmatter has taken to the billboards as a crowd of rioters roars in approval,” she writes, according to screenshots.

“Made our sign even better,” Atkins says.

In response to tweets linking Moriary-McLaughlin to the video, Atkins writes, “Omg the fact this is the same woman make so much sense.”

The Twitter user who posted the original video allegedly of Moriarty-McLaughlin hopes angry viewers can exhibit compassion toward her. “Let’s use this as something that helps us understand what’s right and what’s wrong, rather than an opportunity to brand someone for life,” they write.

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